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Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within yield stress dynamic

Experimental measurement on the effects of recycled glass cullets as aggregates for construction 3D printing

Influence of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and silica fume on stability, rheological properties, and printability of 3D printing foam concrete

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within apparent viscosity yield

The rheological, fresh and strength effects of cold-bonded geopolymer made with metakaolin and slag for grouting

Enhancement of the rheological properties of bentonite mud using natural polymers

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within yield stress τ0

Influencing mechanism of sodium tripolyphosphate on the rheological properties of magnesium phosphate cement

Rheological properties of magnesium phosphate cement with different M/P ratios

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Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within flow behavior index

Improved Tracking of the Rheological Properties of Max-Bridge Oil-Based Mud Using Artificial Neural Networks

WITHDRAWN: New approach to obtain the rheological properties of drill-in fluid on a real-time using artificial intelligence

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within viscosity yield point

Experimental measurement and modeling of water-based drilling mud density using adaptive boosting decision tree, support vector machine, and K-nearest neighbors: A case study from the South Pars gas field

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within Low Plastic Viscosity

Effect of PCEs with different structures on hydration and properties of cementitious materials with low water-to-binder ratio

Axisymmetric magneto-plastic evolution of neutron-star crusts

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within Higher Plastic Viscosity

3D printable lightweight cementitious composites with incorporated waste glass aggregates and expanded microspheres – Rheological, thermal and mechanical properties

Stability and deformations of deposited layers in material extrusion additive manufacturing

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within plastic viscosity threshold

Improvement of mix design method based on paste rheological threshold theory for self-compacting concrete using different mineral additions in ternary blends of powders

Effects of fly ash and limestone powder on the paste rheological thresholds of self-compacting concrete

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within plastic viscosity value

Experimental Evaluation of the Performance of Fresh Nano Zeolite as an Oil Well Cement Additive

Flowability characteristics of dry supplementary cementitious materials using Carr measurements and their effect on the rheology of suspensions

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within plastic viscosity decrease

Effect of Perlite Particles on Barite Cement Properties

Experimental Investigations on the Effect of Mixing Procedures on the Rheological Properties of Oilwell Cement Slurries

Plastic Viscosity sentence examples within plastic viscosity decreased

Rheological, bioactive properties and sensory preferences of dark chocolates with partial incorporation of Sacha Inchi (Plukenetia volubilis L.) oil

Relationship between the rheology and flowability of self-compacting structural synthetic fibre-reinforced cementitious composites

Rheology of fresh cement pastes containing polymer nanoparticles

New Definition of Ultrafine Particles in Mine Paste and Its Relationship with Rheological Properties

Prevention of Hematite Settling in Water-Based Mud at High Pressure and High Temperature

The effect of calcite and blast furnace slag on the rheology properties of self-compacting concrete in meso and macro scales

Influence of Lightly Burned MgO on the Mechanical Properties and Anticarbonization of Cement-Based Materials

Real-Time Prediction of Plastic Viscosity and Apparent Viscosity for Oil-Based Drilling Fluids Using a Committee Machine with Intelligent Systems

Rheological and pumping behaviour of 3D printable cementitious materials with varying aggregate content

State-of-the-art drilling fluid made of produced formation water for prevention of clay swelling: Experimental Investigation

Synthesis of decyl methyl carbonate and a comparative assessment of its performance as the continuous phase of synthetic-based drilling fluids

Properties of Self-Compacting Mortar Containing Slag with Different Finenesses

Gypsum Mud Rheological Behavior

A Novel Foamy Well Killing Fluid for Low-Pressure Gas Reservoirs in Tarim Basin, China

Early-age and microstructural properties of glass powder blended cement paste: Improvement by seawater

Factorial Design Validation of an Environmentally Benign Water-Based Drilling Fluid from Sweet Potato Peels at Elevated Temperatures

Rheo-morphological investigation of static and dynamic stability of self-consolidating concrete: A biphasic approach

Effects of bentonite, diatomite and metakaolin on the rheological behavior of 3D printed magnesium potassium phosphate cement composites

Data-driven recurrent neural network model to predict the rate of penetration: Upstream Oil and Gas Technology

Evaluation of Rheological Parameters of Slag-Based Paste Backfill with Superplasticizer


Performance of water-based drilling fluids for deepwater and hydrate reservoirs: Designing and modelling studies

Influence of alkyl chain length in ionic liquid based drilling mud for rheology modification: a review

Preliminary Investigation of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Natural Hydraulic Lime Grouts with Nano-Silica

Assessment of the Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Concrete Comprising Fly Ash and Fluid Catalytic Cracking Residue as Aluminosilicate Precursor

Application of granulated copper slag in massive concrete under saline soil environment

What is the mechanism of the fiber effect on the rheological behavior of cement paste with polycarboxylate superplasticizer?

Rheological and strength properties of fly ash incorporated rapid hardening cement mix

Apparent and plastic viscosities prediction of water-based drilling fluid using response surface methodology

Influence of extreme high-temperature environment and hydration time on the rheology of cement slurry

Features of production and application of glued wooden beams in cottage construction

Effect of solid concentration and grain size on the rheology of fly ash slurries


Determination of Suitable KCl Polymer Mud Properties for POK Field

Influence of fine sediments on rheology properties of self-compacting concretes

Composite application of naphthalene and melamine-based superplasticizers in alkali activated fly ash (AAFA)

Understanding the rheological properties of alkali-activated slag pastes from the cohesion and friction interactions

Structural and mechanical parameters of the dough semi-finished product for culinary flour products

Kappa (к)-carrageenan as a novel viscosity-modifying admixture for cement-based materials – Effect on rheology, stability, and strength development

Enhancement of Static and Dynamic Sag Performance of Water-Based Mud Using a Synthetic Clay

Investigation of Graphene Derivatives on Electrical Properties of Alkali Activated Slag Composites

Performance of rubber seed oil as an alternative to diesel in oilbased drilling mud formulation

Influence of Coupling Effects of Time and Water-to-Cement Ratio on Rheological Properties of Bingham Cement Grouts

Enhancing the Rheological Properties of Water-Based Drilling Fluid by Utilizing of Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Rheological behaviour of low-heat Portland cement paste with MgO-based expansive agent and shrinkage reducing admixture

Effects of polycarboxylate superplasticizer on rheological properties and early hydration of natural hydraulic lime

Photocatalytic high-performance fiber-reinforced cement composites with white Portland cement, titanium dioxide, and surface treated polyethylene fibers

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