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Artifactual lipid coatings on intervessel pit membranes in dried xylem tissues of some angiosperms

Within-tree variability and sample storage effects of bordered pit membranes in xylem of Acer pseudoplatanus

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Polar lipids are linked to nanoparticles in xylem sap of temperate angiosperm species

A Unit Pipe Pneumatic model to simulate gas kinetics during measurements of embolism in excised angiosperm xylem

Xylem network connectivity and embolism spread in grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.).

Diversity in conduit and pit structure among extant gymnosperm taxa.

Hydraulic consequences of enzymatic breakdown of grapevine pit membranes.

K+ ions improve hydraulic conductance of grapevine shoots for sucrose loading aimed at manipulation of vine carbohydrate reserves

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Theoretical determination of pit membrane natural frequency for destruction by resonance effect

Function and three-dimensional structure of intervessel pit membranes in angiosperms: a review

High porosity with tiny pore constrictions and unbending pathways characterise the 3D structure of intervessel pit membranes in angiosperm xylem.

Hydrodynamic Study on the “Stop-and-Acceleration” Pattern of Refilling Flow at Perforation Plates by Using a Xylem-Inspired Channel

A facile ionic-liquid pretreatment method for the examination of archaeological wood by scanning electron microscopy

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