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Spatio-temporal monitoring of soil and plant indicators under forage cactus cultivation by geoprocessing in Brazilian semi-arid region

Precrops alleviate soil physical limitations for soybean root growth in an Oxisol from southern Brazil

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Different Physical Attributes

Effect of altitude and shade on production and physical attributes of Coffee in Gulmi, Syangja and Palpa districts of Nepal


Physical Attributes sentence examples within Desirable Physical Attributes

Magnetic ordering through itinerant ferromagnetism in a metal–organic framework

Effect of type-2 resistant starch (high-amylose maize starch) on the physicochemical, nutritional, in vitro starch digestibility and estimated glycaemic properties of Chinese steamed buns

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Good Physical Attributes

Assess-Practice-Present-Reflect (APPR) Mathematics Module Design: Teachers’ Evaluation

Quality characteristics of shortcake biscuit produced from wheat flour using sprouted jack bean flour and jackbean protein concentrate as composites

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Unique Physical Attributes

Physical Layer Detection and Security of Printed Chipless RFID Tag for Internet of Things Applications

Large-scale narrative events in popular cinema

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Important Physical Attributes

Some dark energy cosmological models in f(R,ϕ) gravity

Rheological investigation of pickering invert emulsion system for conformance control in high temperature reservoirs

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Similar Physical Attributes

Case Study in the Design of a Surrogate Solution for Use in Biopharmaceutical Drug Product Process Development

A Comparison of Blood Plasma Exosome Enrichment Strategies for Proteomic Analysis

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Critical Physical Attributes

Liquid dosage forms

Formulation of ionic liquid APIs via spray drying processes to enable conversion into single and two-phase solid forms.

Physical Attributes sentence examples within Acceptable Physical Attributes

Nutritive Value and Preference of Guinea-Grass Ensiled with or without Additive by West African Dwarf (WAD) Goats

Silage quality, growth performance and haematology of West African dwarf goats fed Moringa oleifera leaves ensiled with cassava peels

Physical Attributes sentence examples within physical attributes may

Physical Strength Partly Explains Sex Differences in Trait Anxiety in Young Americans

Evaluation of the Architectural Features and Physical Environment in Early Childhood Education Framework

Physical Attributes sentence examples within physical attributes could

Magnetic ordering through itinerant ferromagnetism in a metal–organic framework

Can we predict the landing performance of simulated aerials in surfing?

Physical Attributes sentence examples within physical attributes associated

Transmission adaptive mode selection (TAMS) method for internet of things device energy management

Selected, Deselected, and Reselected: A Case Study Analysis of Attributes Associated With Player Reselection Following Closure of a Youth Soccer Academy

Physical Attributes sentence examples within physical attributes related

Physical training considerations for optimizing performance in essential military tasks.

Sensing Technology for Fish Freshness and Safety: A Review

Effect of incorporation of iron–whey protein concentrate (Fe–WPC) conjugate on physicochemical characteristics of dahi (curd)

The role of accommodation environments in student mental health and wellbeing

Convolutional and Deep Neural Networks based techniques for extracting the age-relevant features of the speaker

Understanding mixed mode ratio of adhesively bonded joints using genetic programming (GP)

Lower-limb injury in elite Australian football: A narrative review of kinanthropometric and physical risk factors.

Analysis of the Energy Justice in Natural Gas Distribution with Geographically Weighted Regression

Soil attributes, plant nutrition, and Fusarium wilt of banana in São Paulo, Brazil

Affordances of scenic cycleways: How recreational cyclists interact with different environments

Information-Centric Content Management Framework for Software Defined Internet of Vehicles Towards Application Specific Services

Design and sorting of an object identification on machine vision by using line scan camera

Electronic Word-of-Mouth Turis Muslim Mengenai Pariwisata Halal di Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Indonesia

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Effect of site amplification on seismic fragility of RC building with different infill configurations using synthetic ground motions

Fabrication and characterization of keratin starch biocomposite film from chicken feather waste and ginger starch

The Itapemirim River Delta GPR Dataset

A framework for task allocation in IoT-oriented industrial manufacturing systems

Ultrasonication and Compositional Effect on Morphology and Encapsulation Efficiency of Curcumin Loaded in PLA

Effects of ionisation on cloud behaviour in planetary atmospheres

The physical properties of dried-growol produced with different cassava varieties and fermentation time

Produção de biomassa e cobertura do solo pelo consórcio de crotalária e milheto e sua influência em propriedades físicas dos solo

Electrocommunication signals indicate motivation to compete during dyadic interactions of an electric fish

Synthesis, properties, and biomedical applications of alginate methacrylate (ALMA)-based hydrogels: Current advances and challenges

Modelling of Seismic Liquefaction Using Classification Techniques

The influence of landscape context on the production of cultural ecosystem services

Application of Nanoparticles in Construction Industries and Their Toxicity

Predicting multi-species bark beetle (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Scolytinae) occurrence in Alaska: First use of open access big data mining and open source GIS to provide robust inference and a role model for progress in forest conservation

Forward osmosis process membranes incorporated with functionalized P.ZnO nanoparticles for organic fouling control

Editorial issue 32.5

Bayesian analysis of static light scattering data for globular proteins

Influence of fat globule size, emulsifiers, and cream-aging on microstructure and physical properties of butter

A Theoretical Investigation on the Heat Transfer Ability of Water-Based Hybrid (Ag–Au) Nanofluids and Ag Nanofluids Flow Driven by Electroosmotic Pumping Through a Microchannel

Abstract PR013: Microfluidic purification of T lymphocytes separated from blood for chimeric antigen receptor T-cell manufacturing

Analysis of flow characteristics of two circular cylinders in cross-flow with varying Reynolds number: a review

Spatio-temporal Patterns of the COVID-19 Pandemic, and Place-based Influential Factors at the Neighborhood scale in Tehran

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