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Who do phone surveys miss, and how to reduce exclusion: recommendations from phone surveys in nine Indian states

Representativeness of Individual-Level Data in COVID-19 Phone Surveys: Findings from Sub-Saharan Africa

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Patient Satisfaction with Telehealth During COVID-19: Experience in a Rural County on the United States-Mexico Border.

COVID-19 related immunization disruptions in Rajasthan, India: A retrospective observational study

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How Did the COVID-19 Crisis Affect Different Types of Workers in the Developing World?

The acceptance of covid-19 vaccines in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from 6 national phone surveys

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Pediatric Respiratory and Enteric Virus Acquisition and Immunogenesis in US Mothers and Children Aged 0-2: PREVAIL Cohort Study

Cell phone ownership and modern contraceptive use in Burkina Faso: implications for research and interventions using mobile technology

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Acceptability, usefulness, and satisfaction with a web-based video-tailored physical activity intervention: The TaylorActive randomized controlled trial: Acceptability, usefulness and satisfaction with the TaylorActive randomised controlled trial.

Food Consumption and Food Security during the COVID‐19 Pandemic in Addis Ababa

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COVID-19 and food security: Panel data evidence from Nigeria

Self-Reported Health Status Improved For Racial And Ethnic Minority Groups After Michigan Medicaid Expansion.

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Protective Behaviors and Secondary Harms Resulting From Nonpharmaceutical Interventions During the COVID-19 Epidemic in South Africa: Multisite, Prospective Longitudinal Study

Household Water Insecurity Is Common and Associated With Higher Odds of Hunger and Lower Dietary Diversity Across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

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Public understanding of cigarette smoke chemicals: Longitudinal study of US adults and adolescents.

Delivery and implementation of an algorithm for smoking cessation treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS

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Opioid Use Disorder Stigma, Discrimination, and Policy Attitudes in a National Sample of U.S. Young Adults.

Impacts of COVID-19 on agricultural production and food systems in late transforming Southeast Asia: The case of Myanmar

Heat-Health Behavior Change During Summer 2020 in African American Alabama Residents.

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Mobile phone sensor-based detection of subjective cannabis intoxication in young adults: A feasibility study in real-world settings.

Evaluation of a voucher scheme to increase child physical activity in participants of a school physical activity trial in the Hunter region of Australia

Confirming the continued representativeness of an online/telephone panel using equivalence testing

Self-Reported Mask Wearing Greatly Exceeds Directly Observed Use: Urgent Need for Policy Intervention in Kenya

Predicting individual shelter dog behaviour after adoption using longitudinal behavioural assessment: a hierarchical Bayesian approach

Telephone consultations to manage paediatric outpatient clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic: a service evaluation

Patchy signals: capturing women’s voices in mobile phone surveys of rural India

The time it takes to reveal embarrassing information in a mobile phone survey

A Data-Free Digital Platform to Reach Families With Young Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Online Survey Study

Mental health in the general population over 1 year of the Covid-19 pandemic: findings from Ireland

Protocol of the COVID-19 Health and Adherence Research in Scotland (CHARIS) study: understanding changes in adherence to transmission-reducing behaviours, mental and general health, in repeated cross-sectional representative survey of the Scottish population

Price Decomposition of Laser Treatment for Port-Wine Stain Using the Hedonic Pricing Model

Social support and healthcare utilization of caregivers of Latinas with breast cancer

Knowledge of mental health symptoms and help seeking attitude in a population-based sample in Hong Kong

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Evolution of the emotional impact in patients with early Inflammatory Bowel Disease during and after Covid-19 lockdown.

Gambling characteristics in Galicia: a Public Health problem.

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The Indianapolis harmspot policing experiment

Viewpoint: High-frequency phone surveys on COVID-19: Good practices, open questions

Crime Costs to the Public in Hong Kong

Using behavioural theory to understand adherence to behaviours that reduce transmission of COVID‐19; evidence from the CHARIS representative national study

A Longitudinal Analysis Examining the Associations of Tummy Time With Active Playtime, Screen Time, and Sleep Time.

The Weak Ring of the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Elderly (A Literature Review)

Anatomic Repair of the Central Slip with Anchor Suture Augmentation for Treatment of Established Boutonniere Deformity

“Your Child Has Cerebral Palsy”: Parental Understanding and Misconceptions

Assessing Repeated and Rescheduled Attempts in Random Digit Dial Surveys

Comparison of Perceptions and Smoking Cessation Experiences Between Smokers With and Without Serious Mental Illness in a Large Health Maintenance Organization.

Academic and post-secondary participation of students with ABI after the BrainSTEPS program

Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine trust and hesitancy among adults with chronic conditions

Effects of a Knowledge-Translation Intervention on Early Dialysis Initiation: A Cluster Randomized Trial.

Disrupted daily routines mediate the socioeconomic gradient of depression amid public health crises: A repeated cross-sectional study.

Long term outcomes in older trauma patients admitted to the ICU: A prospective study.

The role of alcohol use and cigarette smoking in sickness absence: Are there social inequalities?

Retinal microvasculature and time to pregnancy in a multi-ethnic pre-conception cohort in Singapore.

Bridging the digital divide with data-free platforms: Online survey reaching families with young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Influenza vaccination in Austria: Persistent resistance and ignorance to influenza prevention and control.

Patterns of Diet, Physical Activity, Sitting and Sleep Are Associated with Socio-Demographic, Behavioural, and Health-Risk Indicators in Adults

Does it work and does it last? Effects of social and drinking behavior on same- and next-day mood.

Opioid-prescribing patterns, storage, handling, and disposal in postoperative pediatric urology patients.

Age is a risk factor for contralateral tendon rupture in patients with acute Achilles tendon rupture

Effects of Shared Decision Making on Opioid Prescribing After Hysterectomy.

Acceptability and Effects of Commercially Available Activity Trackers for Chronic Pain Management Among Older African American Adults.

Reasons symptomatic breast cancer patients delay seeking medical care

Classification Tree Analysis of Factors Associated with Oral Cancer Exam.

Analyzing the Economic Sustainability of Tourism Development: Evidence from Hong Kong

Wireless Participant Incentives Using Reloadable Bank Cards to Increase Clinical Trial Retention With Abused Women Drinkers: A Natural Experiment

Health Care Provider Compliance with the HIPAA Right of Individual Access: A Scorecard and Survey

Effects of Urban Violence on Primary Healthcare: The Challenges of Community Health Workers in Performing House Calls in Dangerous Areas

How Does Diet Change with A Diagnosis of Diabetes? Protocol of the 3D Longitudinal Study

Central Nervous System Tumors in Uganda: Outcomes of Surgical Treatment and Complications Assessed Through Telephone Survey.