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Perylene Diimide sentence examples within n type organic

Transforming electron-rich hetero-buckybowls into electron-deficient polycycles

n-Type Organic and Polymeric Semiconductors Based on Bithiophene Imide Derivatives.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within electron donating 4

Electron/energy transfer studies on hybrid materials based on dinuclear coordination compounds of twisted perylene diimide

Spectroscopic, electrochemical and electrocolorimetric properties of novel 2-(2′-pyridyl)-1H-benzimidazole appended bay-substituted perylene diimide triads

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Annulated Perylene Diimide

Lowering Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction Overpotential Using N-Annulated Perylene Diimide Rhenium Bipyridine Dyads with Variable Tether Length.

Improved performance of solution processed OLEDs using N-annulated perylene diimide emitters with bulky side-chains

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Substituted Perylene Diimide

Determination of the Mono and Dibromo Derivatives Ratio Resulting from Semiconductor Bromination Using Ultraviolet-visible Absorption Spectroscopy and Gaussian Peak Fitting.

A self-assembled perylene diimide nanobelt for efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic H2 evolution.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Soluble Perylene Diimide

Visual detection of fluoride based on supramolecular aggregates of perylene diimide in 100% aqueous media

How to reprogram the excitonic properties and solid-state morphologies of π-conjugated supramolecular polymers.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Two Perylene Diimide

A Perylene Diimide Dimer-Based Electron Transporting Material with A-D-A Type for Efficient Inverted Perovskite Solar Cell

Folding fluorescent probes for self-reporting transesterification in dynamic polymer networks

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Cationic Perylene Diimide

Design of Amphiphilic Perylene Diimide for Optical Recognition of Anticancer Drug through Chirality-Induced Helical Structure.

Solvent-Assisted Enhanced Emission of Cationic Perylene Diimide Supramolecular Assembly in Water: A Perspective from Experiment and Simulation

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Amphiphilic Perylene Diimide

Hierarchical self-assemblies of carnosine asymmetrically functioned perylene diimide with high optoelectronic response.

Self-assembled Dual Helical Nanofibers of Amphiphilic Perylene Diimides with Oligopeptide Substituted.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Containing Perylene Diimide

Photochemistry of covalently bonded graphene oxide – Perylene diimide system for bacterial growth inhibition started by singlet oxygen

Preparation of AZO:PDIN hybrid interlayer materials and application in high-gain polymer photodetectors with spectral response from 300 nm to 1700 nm

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Functionalized Perylene Diimide

Cost-effective diagnostic kits for selective detection of gaseous H2S

A Novel D-A-D-type Supramolecular Aggregates with High Photoelectric Activity for Construction of Ultrasensitive Photoelectrochemical Biosensor.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Active Perylene Diimide

A long-life lithium-oxygen battery via a molecular quenching/mediating mechanism

Perylene diimide-tagged N-heterocyclic carbene-stabilized gold nanoparticles: How much ligand desorbs from surface in presence of thiols?

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within Semiconductor Perylene Diimide

Transforming electron-rich hetero-buckybowls into electron-deficient polycycles

Designed synthesis of perylene diimide-based supramolecular heterojunction with g-C3N4@MIL-125(Ti): insight into photocatalytic performance and mechanism

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within perylene diimide derivative

Modification of the SnO2 Electron Transporting Layer by Using Perylene Diimide Derivative for Efficient Organic Solar Cells

Narrowband Photodetector by Integrating PTCDI-C13 J-aggregates with Graphene

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within perylene diimide dimer

Influence of solution phase environmental heterogeneity and fluctuations on vibronic spectra: Perylene diimide molecular chromophore complexes in solution.

Porphyrin Acceptors with Two Perylene Diimide Dimers for Organic Solar Cells.

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within perylene diimide dye

Photodynamics at the CdSe Quantum Dot–Perylene Diimide Interface: Unraveling the Excitation Energy and Electron Transfer Pathways

Exciton confined states in conjugated polymers studied by spectroscopic fluorescence polarization measurements

Perylene Diimide sentence examples within perylene diimide building

Control over size, shape, and photonics of self-assembled organic nanocrystals

How to reprogram the excitonic properties and solid-state morphologies of π-conjugated supramolecular polymers.

High-performance organic pseudocapacitors via molecular contortion

Heavy-atom-free bay-substituted perylene diimide donor-acceptor photosensitizers.

Perylene diimide-based treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

Host-guest chemistry of giant molecular shape amphiphiles based on POSS-PDI conjugates.

Full Solar-Spectrum-Driven Antibacterial Therapy over Hierarchical Sn3 O4 /PDINH with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity.

Triphenylamine-perylene diimide conjugate-based organic nanoparticles for photoacoustic imaging and cancer phototherapy.

Highly-crystalline Triazine-PDI Polymer with an Enhanced Built-in Electric Field for Full-Spectrum Photocatalytic Phenol Mineralization

Review on application of perylene diimide (PDI)-based materials in environment: Pollutant detection and degradation.

Correction: Twisted-graphene-like perylene diimide with dangling functional chromophores as tunable small-molecule acceptors in binary-blend active layers of organic photovoltaics

Controlled Fabrication and Characterization of Coronene Diimide-Based Insoluble Thin Films Produced by Photoinduced Cyclization.

Benzotriazacycle Cored Perylene Diimide Non-fullerene Acceptors for High-performance Organic Solar Cells

Nanochannels in Photoactive Polymeric Cu(I) Compatible for Efficient Micellar Catalysis: Sustainable Aerobic Oxidations of Alcohols in Water

Noncovalent Interaction Enables Planar and Efficient Propeller-like Perylene Diimide Acceptors for Polymer Solar Cells

Comparative opto-electronic properties of perylene diimides derivatives with cyclization and high polarizability cores

Isomeric anthracene diimide polymers†

Preventing Superoxide Generation on Molecule-Protected CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite: A Time-Domain Ab Initio Study.

Perylene diimide-based chemosensors emerging in recent years: From design to sensing

Preparation of cellulose-based electrospun fluorescent nanofibers doped with perylene encapsulated in silica nanoparticles for potential flexible electronics.

High visible-light catalytic activity of Bis-PDI-T@TiO2 for activating persulfate toward efficient degradation of carbamazepine

Visible light absorption by perylene diimide for synergistic persulfate activation towards efficient photodegradation of bisphenol A

Improving the efficiency of organic solar cells by introducing perylene diimide derivative as the third component and dissolving donor/acceptor individually.

Perylene diimide based non-fullerene acceptors: top performers and an emerging class featuring N-annulation

PDI hexamer based on combination of direct and indirect linkage manners for non-fullerene organic solar cells.

π-Extended perylene diimide double-heterohelicenes as ambipolar organic semiconductors for broadband circularly polarized light detection

Highly responsive triethylamine vapor sensor based on a perylene diimide-polydiacetylene system via heat-induced tuning of the molecular packing approach

Rigid–Flexible Block Molecule-Based Nanotubes

Recent Advances in Perylene Diimide-Based Active Materials in Electrical Mode Gas Sensing

Lysosome-Instructed Self-Assembly of Amino-Acid-Functionalized Perylene Diimide for Multidrug-Resistant Cancer Cells.

Computationally Guided Tuning of Peptide-Conjugated Perylene Diimide Self-Assembly.

Toward High Performance Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cells: Interfacial Modification and Charge Extraction Perspectives

Solution-processed perylene diimide-ethylene diamine cathodes for aqueous zinc ion batteries.

Spatial configuration engineering of perylenediimide-based non-fullerene electron transport materials for efficient inverted perovskite solar cells

Modeling radiative and non-radiative pathways at both the Franck-Condon and Herzberg-Teller approximation level.

Highly air-stable, n-doped conjugated polymers achieved by dimeric organometallic dopants

Molecular Triangles: A New Class of Macrocycles.

Recent structural evolution of lactam- and imide-functionalized polymers applied in organic field-effect transistors and organic solar cells

Perylenemonoimide as a Versatile Fluoroprobe: The Past, Present, and Future

Functionalization and metathesis polymerization induced self-assembly of an alternating copolymer into giant vesicles

A novel red phosphorus/perylene diimide metal-free photocatalyst with p-n heterojunctions for efficient photoreduction of bromate under visible light

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