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Multiscale Approaches in Reactive Transport Modeling

Effect of bioturbation on petrophysical properties: Insights from geostatistical and flow simulation modeling

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Insights into design of mobility control for chemical enhanced oil recovery

Introducing a novel model and tool for design and performance forecasting of waterflood projects

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Nonlinear porodynamic analysis by adaptive semi-explicit/explicit time marching formulations

A simple non-iterative uncoupled algorithm for nonlinear pore-dynamic analyses

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Open Porous Composite Monoliths for Biomedical Applications via Photocrosslinking of Low Internal Phase Nano-Emulsion Templates

Experimental analysis of natural organic matter controls on nitrogen reduction during bank storage.

Modeling of hydraulic fracture branching in porous media using hybrid FEM coupled with peridynamics

Numerical analysis of a parabolic hemivariational inequality for semipermeable media

Upshot of heterogeneous catalysis in a nanofluid flow over a rotating disk with slip effects and Entropy optimization analysis

Influence of Lorentz and permeability on migration of nanoparticle

Bioconvective Reiner-Rivlin nanofluid flow over a rotating disk with Cattaneo-Christov flow heat flux and entropy generation analysis.

Feasibility of repurposing existing and abandoned hydrocarbon wells in the form of a geothermal well-triplet system

Double Slip Effects and Heat Transfer Characteristics for Channel Transport of Engine Oil With Titanium and Aluminum Alloy Nanoparticles: A Fractional Study

MHD Flow in a Rotating Channel Surrounded in a Porous Medium with an Inclined Magnetic Field

Mathematical analysis of hybridized ferromagnetic nanofluid with induction of copper oxide nanoparticles in permeable channel by incorporating Darcy–Forchheimer relation

Optimum concentration of fly ash nanoparticles to stabilize CO2 foams for aquifer and soil remediation.

Analisis Penurunan Parameter Pencemar Limbah Cair Laundry dengan Multi Soil Layering (MSL)

CFD Simulation of Water-Based Hybrid Nanofluid Inside a Porous Enclosure Employing Lorentz Forces

Dynamics of foam flow in a rock fracture: Effects of aperture variation on apparent shear viscosity and bubble morphology.

Robust simulation of dynamic fluid-driven fracture in naturally fractured impermeable media

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An entropy generation analysis for MHD water based Fe3O4 ferrofluid through a porous semi annulus cavity via CVFEM

Macroscopic modeling for convection of Hybrid nanofluid with magnetic effects

Probing the 3D molecular and mineralogical heterogeneity in oil reservoir rocks at the pore scale

Second law analysis of a porous structured enclosure with nano-enhanced phase change material and under magnetic force

Clarifying pore diameter, pore width, and their relationship through pressure measurements: A critical study

Numerical investigation of breaking solitary wave runup on permeable sloped beach using a nonhydrostatic model

Numerical Analysis of Elliptic Hemivariational Inequalities for Semipermeable Media

Dielectric permittivity-water content relationships in woodchips: Particle size and temperature effects

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