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On the arrangement of chromophores in light harvesting complexes: chance versus design.

Aperiodic space-inhomogeneous quantum walks: Localization properties, energy spectra, and enhancement of entanglement.

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Model updating method for damage detection of building structures under ambient excitation using modal participation ratio

Analisis Kinerja Struktur Bangunan Rumah Tinggal dengan Kayu Glulam Mahoni

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Characterization of interlaminar fracture modes I, II, and I-II of carbon/epoxy composites including in-service related bonding quality conditions

Nanoscale thermal cloaking by in-situ annealing silicon membrane

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Disorder limits the coherent phonon transport in two-dimensional phononic crystal structures.

Thermal transport in graphene/h-BN lateral heterostructures with interface compositional diffusion

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Location Prediction with Communities in User Ego-Net in Social Media

Characterising and evaluating dynamic online communities from live microblogging user interactions

Prediction of partially observed human activity based on pre-trained deep representation

Phonon thermal conduction in a graphene-C3N heterobilayer using molecular dynamics simulations.

Thermal Transport in Disordered Materials

Anderson localisation in steady states of microcavity polaritons

Low-frequency excitations and their localization properties in glasses

Anderson localization of flexural waves in disordered elastic beams

Tunable thermal transport in a WS2 monolayer with isotopic doping and fractal structure.

Interference in complex quantum systems : from localization in high-dimensional lattices to surface spin echo with molecules

Thermal transport in C3N nanotube: a comparative study with carbon nanotube.

Self-averaging in many-body quantum systems out of equilibrium.

Thermal conductance bottleneck of a three dimensional graphene-CNT hybrid structure: a molecular dynamics simulation.

Timescales in the quench dynamics of many-body quantum systems: Participation ratio versus out-of-time ordered correlator.

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