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The association between social isolation and musculoskeletal health in older community-dwelling adults: findings from the Hertfordshire Cohort Study

Social participation patterns and their associations with health and well-being for older adults

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Quantifying parent engagement in the randomized Fuel for Fun impact study identified design considerations and BMI relationships

Quantifying Parent Engagement in Fuel for Fun Identified Design Considerations and BMI Relationships

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Psychosocial Impact of Powered Wheelchair, Users’ Satisfaction and Their Relation to Social Participation

Powered Wheelchair Impact – User-Centered Observational Study

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Effects of rhythmic auditory stimulation on functionality in Parkinson’s disease

Effectual Gold Nanoprobe Sensor for Screening Cow Milk Adulteration in Goat Milk—Comparison With Conventional PCR

Effect of Pompage on Teachers Self-Assessment-Clinical Trial.

The Contribution of the Life-Course Perspective to the Study of Family Relationships: Advances, Challenges, and Limitations

Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the Chilean Version of the Voice Activity and Participation Profile - VAPP.

Acoustic Psychometric Severity Index of Dysphonia (APSID): Development and Clinical Application.

Mandarin (Simplified) Chinese Version of the Voice Activity and Participation Profile: Adaptation and Validation.

The Swallowing Ability and Psychosocial Domains of Patients with Dysphagia among Head and Neck Cancer Population

Mobilizing different types of voters: The influence of campaign intensity on turnout in direct democratic votes

Relationship Between Laryngeal Signs and Symptoms, Acoustic Measures, and Quality of Life in Finnish Primary and Kindergarten School Teachers.

Impact of the Engendered Fo’raa Square on the City Expansion; Square Efficiency and Attraction

Wheelchair Physical Activities and Sports for Children and Adolescents: A Scoping Review

[The clinical study of Chinese version of voice activities and participation profile in patients with voice disorder].

Autopercepção da voz por professores de escola pública

A comparative and correlative study of the Voice-Related Quality of Life (V-RQOL) and the Voice Activity and Participation Profile (VAPP) for voice-related quality of life among teachers with and without voice disorders

Participation in Leisure Activities as an Indicator of Inclusion: A Comparison between Children with and without Disabilities in Portugal.

Applying theories for using non-monetary incentives for citizens to participate in crowdsensing projects

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