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Participation seven years after severe childhood traumatic brain injury*

Predictive utility of an adapted Marshall head CT classification scheme after traumatic brain injury

Participation Outcomes sentence examples within Work Participation Outcomes

Self-Reported Prognosis of Employability as an Indicator of Need for Rehabilitation: A Cohort Study in People with Back Pain.

Effects of Vocational Re-training on Employment Outcomes Among Persons with Disabilities in Germany: A Quasi-Experiment

Participation Outcomes sentence examples within Social Participation Outcomes

7 Patterns for Monitoring Burn Recovery: Preliminary Results from the LIBRE Journey Study

Burn survivors injured as children exhibit resilience in long-term community integration outcomes: A life impact burn recovery evaluation (LIBRE) study.

Participation Outcomes sentence examples within Market Participation Outcomes

COVID-19 and food security: Panel data evidence from Nigeria

Female Labor Market Participation and Socioeconomic Development: Disentangling the U-Shaped Hypothesis

Participation Outcomes sentence examples within Term Participation Outcomes

Fatigue in relation to long-term participation outcome in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage survivors.

Effects of selective dorsal rhizotomy and meaningful outcomes for the child and family

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A pilot study of a culturally-appropriate, educational intervention to increase participation in cancer clinical trials among African Americans and Latinos.

A Pilot Study of a Culturally-Appropriate, Educational Intervention to Increase Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials Among African Americans and Latinos

Effective rehabilitation interventions and participation among people with multiple sclerosis: an overview of reviews.

Poststroke Cognitive Impairment Negatively Impacts Activity and Participation Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Perceived autonomy supportive and culturally responsive environments contribute to international students’ participation and willingness to communicate

Motor Skills are Associated with Participation of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Effect of Lifestyle Interventions on the ICF Participation Domain in Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

How perceived corporate social responsibility and public knowledge affect public participation intention: evidence from Chinese waste incineration power projects

Outcomes Related to Activity Performance and Participation of Non-Pharmacological Cancer-Related Fatigue Interventions.

Effects of a consumer driven home modification intervention on community participation for people with mobility disabilities.

Race/Ethnicity and Community Participation Among Veterans and Service Members With Traumatic Brain Injury: A VA Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study.

Intensive rehabilitation programme for patients with subacute stroke in an inpatient rehabilitation facility: describing a protocol of a prospective cohort study

Primary Language and Participation Outcomes in Hispanics With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study

The contribution of pre-injury vulnerability to risk of psychiatric morbidity in adults injured in a road traffic crash: Comparisons with non-injury controls.

Interventions in the Scope of Occupational Therapy to Improve Psychosocial Well-Being in Older Adults with Low Vision and Mental Health Concerns: A Systematic Review

A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Cross-Cutting Exposure on Political Participation

Broadening horizons: the case for capturing function and the role of health informatics in its use

Public and private value in citizen participation in E-governance: Evidence from a government-sponsored green commuting platform

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice between Occupational Therapists and Behavior Analysts for Children with Autism

Evaluating the effectiveness of therapeutic horse riding for children and young people experiencing disability: a single-case experimental design study

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Chinese version of the vestibular activities and participation measure.

Factors Associated With Participation in Life Situations for Adults With Stroke: A Systematic Review.

Influence of peer-based rehabilitation interventions for improving mobility and participation among adults with mobility disabilities: a systematic review

Evaluating the scalability of public participation in urban land use planning: A comparison of Geoweb methods with face-to-face meetings

1 Cleft palate speech: a mixed methods evaluation of parent led, therapist supervised articulation therapy (PLAT) supported by telemedicine

A scoping review of the working alliance in acquired brain injury rehabilitation

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