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Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification method

Bunching Estimation of Elasticities Using Stata

Nonparametric identification of a micro-electromechanical resonator

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification result

Identification of causal intervention effects under contagion

Identification of Causal Effects Within Principal Strata Using Auxiliary Variables

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification algorithm

Parametric Identification of Electric Drives Using the Ordinary Least Squares Method

Studying identification algorithms in food technology

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Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification problem

Non-parametric identification of thermal control system elements

The Weighted Nearest Neighbor Estimate for Hammerstein System Identification

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification tool

CBRA: Cardiac biomarkers release analyzer

Multi–Level Identification of Hammerstein-Wiener Systems

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification procedure

Application of Identification Reference Nets for the Preliminary Modeling on the Example of Electrical Machines

Contact modeling and input-voltage-region based parametric identification for speed control of a standing wave linear ultrasonic motor

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification technique

Algebraic Parameter Identification of Nonlinear Vibrating Systems and Non Linearity Quantification Using the Hilbert Transformation

Estimation of Second-Order plus Time Delay Processes using Optimization Procedures

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification strategy

3D Model Identification of a Soft Robotic Neck

Nonseparability Without Monotonicity: The Couterfactual Distribution Estimator for Causal Inference

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification assumption

Better Bunching, Nicer Notching

Better Bunching, Nicer Notching

Parametric Identification sentence examples within parametric identification approach

Measurement of fracture parameters based upon digital image correlation and virtual crack closure techniques

Aircraft System Identification Using Parametric Approaches and Intelligent Modeling

Efficient Estimation of Pricing Kernels and Market-Implied Densities

Advanced Method of Parametric Identification of Tolerance Estimations of the Interval Vector of Discrete Dynamic Models Parameters

Experimental Estimation of the Elastic Modulus of Concrete Girders from Drive-By Inspections with Force-Balance Accelerometers

Parametric Identification of Unsteady Heat Conduction Processes Under Conditions of Bounded Uncertainty

Foundations of Demand Estimation

A study of stability of difference scheme of Markov counting chain method for fluidization modeling

Structural Identification of Humanoid-Robot Control System

Norms and standardizations in neuropsychology via equivalent scores: software solutions and practical guides

Analysis and synthesis of kinetic parameters of soapstocksaponification stage in sunflower oil production

Adaptive Identification of Control Objects in Systems with Standard Controllers

Design of Multi Loop Control Systems with Decision Makers Under Incomplete Information

A Real-Time 3D Reconstruction of Staircases for Rehabilitative Exoskeletons


Application of Parallel-Sequential Identification Algorithms in Diagnostic Tasks

Insights into the Cross-world Independence Assumption of Causal Mediation Analysis

On Identification of a Coupled Four Tank System

Non-neutral productivity dynamics in a nonseparable production function with multiple productivity

Fuzzy cognitive modeling of socio-economic systems taking into account the time factor

Development of a Set of Models for Reactors of a Catalytic Reforming Unit Using Information of a Different Nature

In-Motion Calibration and Testing of MEMS Sensors Using a Reference Inertial Satellite Navigation System

Nonparametric regression with selectively missing covariates

Structural-parametric identification of the sum of hyperbolic functions with additive noise

Wafer Stage Modal Model Identification by Modified Vector Fitting Method


An evolving concept in the identification of an interval fuzzy model of Wiener-Hammerstein nonlinear dynamic systems

Adaptive Control of the Shock Absorber with Magnetorheological Fluid in the Car Suspension

Experimental identification of the material standard linear solid model parameters by means of dynamical measurements

Analysis and investigation of the conservativeness condition in the problem of parametric identification of distributed dynamic processes

Identification of the energy consumption macromodel for the energy complex in oil and gas producing enterprise into the generalized golden section metric

Devising a method for identifying the model of multi-criteria expert estimation of alternatives

Дослідження цифровий адаптивної системи повороту лопаток направляючого апаратів осьового компресора

COVID-19, productivity, and recovery: a nonseparable production function framework


Problems in the system analysis of space activities in Ukraine. Rocket and spacecraft dynamics and control

Modeling of Railway Stations Based on Queuing Networks

Modeling and simulating dynamics of lithium-ion batteries using block-oriented models with piecewise linear static nonlinearity

Recursive hybrid GA and moving window hybrid GA to parameter identification of structural systems with passive control devices

The Dynamics of Multidimensional Non-Neutral Productivity

An Optimization-based Method for Estimating Critical Inertia in Smart Grids

Full Order Observer With Unmatched Constraint: Unknown Parameters Identification

Robust Semiparametric Estimation in Panel Multinomial Choice Models

Non-linear Grey-Box Models Applied to DC Motor Identification

Identification of Dynamic Model of Safety Valve

Nonparametric Identification in the Dynamic Stochastic Block Model


Parametric Identification of Nonlinear Systems by Aggregation of Static and Dynamic Neural Networks

A method for non-parametric identification of non-linear vibration systems with asymmetric restoring forces from a resonant decay response

Constructive identification in some nonseparable discrete choice models

Random Scaling-Based Bat Algorithm for Greenhouse Thermal Model Identification and Experimental Validation

Information Analysis of Biochemical Parameters for Glucose Tolerance Tests

A Technique for Semiconductor Devices Modeling Using Physical Templates

Comparison of Michaelis-Menten kinetics modeling alternatives in cancer chemotherapy modeling

The neural multi-model approach for nonlinear systems identification

Maximum Permissible Estimates in the Problems of Quantitative Analysis of Multicomponent Mixtures

Mathematical Modeling and Optimization of Chemical and Technological Processes

The Sad Truth about Happiness Scales

Development of a flexible belt on an elastic multi-stiffness foundation tire model for a heavy load radial tire with a large section ratio

A Mathematical Model and Control Problems of Traffic Flows in Urban Road Networks

Математическое моделирование температуры в зоне контакта инструмента и изделия при токарной обработке металлов

Modeling of External Dynamics of Frictional Interaction Using the Elastic System Stability Theory

Estimation of Nonlinear Roll Damping by Analytical Approximation of Experimental Free-Decay Amplitudes

Nonparametric Identification of Roll Damping and Nonlinear Restoring Forces for a Ship from a Free Roll Decay Simulation

Semiparametric Identification in Panel Data Discrete Response Models

Adaptive Trailer Set Path Curvature Control for Trailer Backup

Validation of Novel System Identification Approach Based on Forced Oscillations Using Open-Loop Experiment

Identification of a class of index models: A topological approach

Operational Verification of a Ship Main Power System Element Choice – Case Study

Multiple Parameters Estimation of Ship Roll Motion Model with Gyrostabilizer

An Approach to Constructing a Taxonomic Tree of Models Cyclic Signals in the Tasks of Developing an Onto-Oriented System for Decisions Supporting of Models Choice

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