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Taylor dispersion in osmotically driven laminar flows in phloem

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Role of antispasmodics in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Changes in Reserve Mobilization Caused by Salinity Could Interfere in the Initial Growth of Jatropha curcas

Electroosmotically driven flow of micropolar bingham viscoplastic fluid in a wavy microchannel: application of computational biology stomach anatomy

Modelling the Effect of Salt and PEG on Water Uptake in Wheat Seeds

Uniqueness of the equilibrium relationship among temperature, pressure and liquid water content in hydrate-bearing soils

Lytic effects of water on cancer cells: Implications for post-operative irrigation.

Modeling and Simulations of Buongiorno’s Model for Nanofluid in a Microchannel with Electro-Osmotic Effects and an Exothermal Chemical Reaction

Mechanics of non-Newtonian blood flow in an artery having multiple stenosis and electroosmotic effects

Tissue hydraulics: Physics of lumen formation and interaction.

Endogenous fructose production: what do we know and how relevant is it?

Astrocytic Ion Dynamics: Implications for Potassium Buffering and Liquid Flow

Integrated Farming System Approaches for Managing Saline and Waterlogged Ecologies

Gravitational effects on electroosmotic flow in micro heat pipes

Intraluminal Impact of Food: New Insights from MRI

A Photowelding Strategy for Conductivity Restoration in Flexible Circuits.

Calcium and the physiology of sweet cherries: A review

Chemically Induced Flow in Contaminated Unsaturated Soil

Network‐based feature selection reveals substructures of gene modules responding to salt stress in rice

Exploiting Differential Gene Expression to Discover Ionic and Osmotic-Associated Transcripts in the Halophyte Grass Aeluropus littoralis

Rosellinia necatrix infection induces differential gene expression between tolerant and susceptible avocado rootstocks

Motion of an oil droplet through a capillary with charged surfaces

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