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The Concept of Enterprise BIM: Current Research Practice and Future Trends

PCs Take a Page From Xbox With Pluton

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A Maturity Spectrum for Data Institutions

An Interoperable Architecture for the Internet of COVID-19 Things (IoCT) Using Open Geospatial Standards—Case Study: Workplace Reopening

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Feasibility Queries in Distributed Architectures - Concept and Implementation in HiGHmed.

Data Sharing in Distributed Architectures - Concept and Implementation in HiGHmed

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Security of SDN-based vehicular ad hoc networks: State-of-the-art and challenges

Überblick über offene Standards im wissenschaftlichen Publizieren /Overview of open standards in scientific publishing

Token-Based Authentication Framework for 5G MEC Mobile Networks

eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL): A Review and Implications for Future Research

Reconciling interoperability with efficient Verification and Validation within open source simulation environments


Can SYCL and OpenCL meet the challenges of functional safety?

Cross-Platform Drilling 3D Visualization System Based on WebGL

Fuzzy Model for Common Vulnerability Scoring System

Using Machine Learning to Parse Chemical Mixture Descriptions

Gathering round Big Tech: How the Market for Acquisitions Reinforces Regional Inequalities in the US

Development characteristics of economic regions based on opencl design and dynamic image sampling

A development architecture of Lora gateway communication technology using artificial intelligence

Towards Interoperable Vaccination Certificate Services

Towards modular and scalable on-board computer architecture

Evaluation of visual syntax specification techniques: a study of OWL

Formation of High-Quality Solutions In The Construction of Aeromonitoring Data Banks

A Standards-based Data Catalogue integrating scientific, community-based and citizen science data across the Arctic

[Evaluation of an integrated OR based on open standards in Cochlea Implant surgery].

inTIME: A Machine Learning-Based Framework for Gathering and Leveraging Web Data to Cyber-Threat Intelligence

Reference study of CityGML software support: the GeoBIM benchmark 2019 - Part II

IT Usage in Logistics and Supply Chain of Thai Industry Toward Industry 4.0

Intelligent energy management based on SCADA system in a real Microgrid for smart building applications

Asymmetric Key Cryptography based Ad-hoc on Demand Distance Vector Protocol (ACAODV)

Living and Prototyping Digital Twins for Urban Water Systems: Towards Multi-Purpose Value Creation Using Models and Sensors

Plug-and-Play Framework for Connectivity Control and Self-Reconfiguration of Weapon System Components

Why we can be resilient: We have technology and open standards to thank

pyOpenSci: Open and reproducible research, powered by Python

Privacy Enhancement on Unilateral Bluetooth Authentication Protocol for Mobile Crowdsensing

PROV4ITDaTa: Transparent and direct transferof personal data to personal stores

Observability: Logs, Metrics, and Traces

Using In-Browser Augmented Reality to Promote Knowledge-Based Engineering throughout the Product Life Cycle

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