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Comparison of Fault Characteristics According to Winding Configurations for Dual Three-Phase Synchronous Reluctance Motor

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Performance Analysis of a Nine-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Open-Phase Faults

Machine Learning-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Faulty Power Connections of Induction Machines

Innovative Fault-Tolerant Three-Phase SPMSM Drive Without Split Capacitors, Auxiliary Legs, or TRIACs

Diagnosis of Open-Phase Faults for a Five-Phase PMSM Fed by a Closed-Loop Vector-Controlled Drive Based on Magnetic Field Pendulous Oscillation Technique

Cost-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Scheme for Three-Phase SPMSMs Fed by Multi-Functional Converter System Under Open-Phase Faults

Fault-Tolerant Symmetrical Six-phase Induction Motor Drive Based on Feed-forward Voltage Compensation

Fault Detection Algorithm for Five-Phase Induction Motor Drive

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