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Matrix-graded and fibre-steered composites to tackle stress concentrations

Open hole tensile tests for the determination of the edge-crack sensitivity of sheared holes dependent on specimen geometry, cutting parameters, and the notch factor

Open-Hole Tensile Behavior and Progressive Damage of Hybrid Fiber Metal Laminates

Enhancing the performance of bolted joints in composites by use of patched steel or titanium inserts

Influence of Shelf Life on Mechanical Properties of Glass Fibre Reinforced Composites

An Experimental Study on the Mechanical Mounting between GFRP Door Impact Beam and Steel Brackets

Drilling induced defects on carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic polyamide and their effect on mechanical properties

Experimental and numerical investigation of open-hole tensile properties and damage mechanisms of 3D woven composites under weft-loading

Progressive Failure Analysis of Composite/aluminum Riveted Joint Subjected to Pull-through Loading

Effects of ply angle and blocking on open-hole tensile strength of composite laminates: A design and certification perspective

A pragmatic orthotropic elasticity-based damage model with spatially distributed properties applied to short glass-fibre reinforced polymers

The Impact of Abrasive Water Jet Cutting on Tensile Behavior of Woven Fabric CFRP

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Open Hole Tensile 開いた穴の引張
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