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The List of Possible Double and Multiple Open Clusters between Galactic Longitudes 240° and 270°

Search for age pattern across spiral arms of the Milky Way

Open Clusters sentence examples within Young Open Clusters

$$\varvec{U\!BV\!I}$$ U B V I CCD photometry of Ber

The impact of massive stars and black holes on the fate of open star clusters and their tidal streams

Open Clusters sentence examples within Galactic Open Clusters

The Distribution of Open Clusters in the Galaxy

Binary-driven stellar rotation evolution at the main-sequence turn-off in star clusters

Open Clusters sentence examples within Old Open Clusters

Astrometric and Photometric Investigation of Three Old Age Open Clusters in the Gaia Era: Berkeley 32, Berkeley 98, and King 23

Bayesian Characterization of Main Sequence Binaries in the Old Open Cluster NGC 188

Open Clusters sentence examples within Studied Open Clusters

Photometric and kinematical analysis of Koposov 12 and Koposov 43 open clusters

TESS reveals that the nearby Pisces-Eridanus stellar stream is only 120 Myr old.

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New open clusters found by manual mining of data based on Gaia DR2

New star clusters discovered towards the Galactic bulge direction using Gaia DR2

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A Number of nearby Moving Groups May Be Fragments of Dissolving Open Clusters

Rotation and Lithium Confirmation of a 500 pc Halo for the Open Cluster NGC 2516

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Identifying Milky Way Open Clusters With Extreme Kinematics using PRIM

Tidal-locking-induced stellar rotation dichotomy in the open cluster NGC 2287?.

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Clusterix 2.0. A Virtual Observatory tool to estimate cluster membership probability

Search for Possibly Evolutionary Linked Globular and Open Clusters

Open Clusters sentence examples within Three Open Clusters

Systematic differences in the spectroscopic analysis of red giants

Mass determination of open clusters using kinematics data

Open Clusters sentence examples within open clusters provide

Stellar Rotation in the Gaia Era: Revised Open Clusters Sequences

Lithium depletion and angular momentum transport in F-type and G-type stars in Galactic open clusters

Open Clusters sentence examples within open clusters located

A PSF-based Approach to TESS High quality data Of Stellar clusters (PATHOS) – IV. Candidate exoplanets around stars in open clusters: frequency and age–planetary radius distribution

Magnetic-buoyancy-induced mixing in AGB stars: a theoretical explanation of the non-universal relation of [Y/Mg] to age

Open Clusters sentence examples within open clusters berkeley

Gaia Early Data Release 3

Mass function and dynamical study of the open clusters Berkeley 24 and Czernik 27 using ground based imaging and Gaia astrometry

Open Clusters sentence examples within open clusters ngc

Binary-driven stellar rotation evolution at the main-sequence turn-off in star clusters

CCD $${U\!B\!V\!(R\!I)}_{KC}$$ U B V ( R I ) KC photometry of NGC 2323 and NGC 2539 open clusters

Constraining the solar neighbourhood age–metallicity relation from white dwarf–main sequence binaries

Stellar Rotation in the K2 Sample: Evidence for Modified Spin-down

Binary black hole mergers from hierarchical triples in open clusters

ML-MOC: Machine Learning (kNN and GMM) based Membership determination for Open Clusters

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Membership of stars in open clusters using random forest with gaia data

WIYN Open Cluster Study. LXXXIV. The Effect of Chromospheric Activity on Oxygen Abundances from the 7774 Å Triplet in Pleiades Dwarfs

Goodness-of-fit test for isochrone fitting in the Gaia era

The Consistency of Chemical Clocks among Coeval Stars

The Gaia-ESO Survey: Galactic evolution of lithium from iDR6

Simulating the Eclipsing Binary Yields of the Rubin Observatory in the Galactic Field and Star Clusters

Stellar Population Astrophysics (SPA) with the TNG. Stock 2, a little-studied open cluster with an eMSTO

Updated parameters of 1743 open clusters based on Gaia DR2

The Binary INformation from Open Clusters Using SEDs (BINOCS) Project: Reliable Photometric Mass Determinations of Binary Star Systems in Clusters

Stringent upper limit on Be star fractions produced by binary interaction

Gaia-ESO survey: Lithium abundances in open cluster Red Clump stars

Radial Migration from the Metallicity Gradient of Open Clusters and Outliers

Partial tidal disruption events by stellar mass black holes: Gravitational instability of stream and impact from remnant core

OCCASO IV. Radial velocities and open cluster kinematics

The VVV open cluster project. Near-infrared sequences of NGC 6067, NGC 6259, NGC 4815, Pismis 18, Trumpler 23, and Trumpler 20

Galactic spiral structure revealed by Gaia EDR3

Fine structure in the luminosity function in young stellar populations with Gaia DR2

Deciphering Star Cluster Evolution by Shape Morphology

A revisited study of Cepheids in open clusters in the Gaia era

Quantification of Sub-Solar Star Ages from the Symmetry of Conjugate Histograms of Spin Period and Angular Velocity

The (im)possibility of strong chemical tagging

A Census of Blue Stragglers in Gaia DR2 Open Clusters as a Test of Population Synthesis and Mass Transfer Physics

UOCS – VI. UVIT/AstroSat detection of low-mass white dwarf companions to four more blue stragglers in M67

Feasibility of Detecting Interstellar Panspermia in Astrophysical Environments

Binary Black Hole Mergers from Young Massive and Open Clusters: Comparison to GWTC-2 Gravitational Wave Data

Study of the open cluster Alessi-Teutsch 9 (ASCC 10) using multiband photometry and Gaia EDR3

Decoding the morphological evolution of open clusters

The GALAH survey: tracing the Galactic disc with open clusters

Galactic open cluster Cepheids – a census based on Gaia EDR3

Evolution of the local spiral structure of the Milky Way revealed by open clusters

Open clusters identifying by multi-scale density feature learning

Discovery of new mercury–manganese stars, including a fast rotator

A new, Gaia-based, catalogue of blue straggler stars in open clusters

UOCS. IV. Discovery of diverse hot companions to blue stragglers in the old open cluster King 2

Abundance–age relations with red clump stars in open clusters

Blue Straggler Stars in open clusters using Gaia: Dependence on cluster parameters and possible formation pathways

Stellar Population Astrophysics (SPA) with TNG. Atmospheric parameters of members of 16 unstudied open clusters

Evidence of Early-stage Tidal Structures of Open Clusters Revealed by Kinematics with Gaia EDR3

A Temporary Epoch of Stalled Spin-Down for Low-Mass Stars: Insights from NGC 6811 with Gaia and Kepler.

New light on the Gaia DR2 parallax zero-point: influence of the asteroseismic approach, in and beyond the Kepler field

Masses of the Hyades white dwarfs: A gravitational redshift measurement.

Kinematics of Open Star Clusters Based on the Data of the New Version of the “Homogeneous Catalog of Open Cluster Parameters”

New light on the Gaia DR2 parallax zero-point: influence of the asteroseismic approach, in and beyond the Kepler field

Rotation rate of the solar core as a key constraint to magnetic angular momentum transport in stellar interiors

Open clusters in APOGEE and GALAH: Combining Gaia and ground-based spectroscopic surveys

The extended halo of NGC 2682 (M 67) from Gaia DR2

Liquid Cell Transmission Electron Microscopy Sheds Light on The Mechanism of Palladium Electrodeposition.

Chemically characterising nearby evolved Open Clusters

Formation rate of LB-1-like systems through dynamical interactions

Stars and brown dwarfs in the σ Orionis cluster. IV. IDS/INT and OSIRIS/GTC spectroscopy and Gaia DR2 astrometry

Age determination for 269 $Gaia$ DR2 Open Clusters

Comprehensive study of IC4665

Hunting for open clusters in \textit{Gaia} DR2: the Galactic anticentre.

Evolution of star-planet systems under magnetic braking and tidal interaction

Nine tiny star clusters in Gaia DR1, PS1, and DES

Self-gravitating disks in binary systems: an SPH approach: I. Implementation of the code and reliability tests

A Triple Origin for Twin Blue Stragglers in Close Binaries

Pulsating white dwarfs: new insights

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