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Impact of an Integrated Community-based Model of Care for Older People with Complex Conditions on Hospital Emergency Presentations and Separations: A Step-wedged Randomized Trial

Impact of an integrated community-based model of care for older people with complex conditions on hospital emergency presentations and admissions: a step-wedged cluster randomized trial

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Calculating altmetrics based on the data obtained at users’ accessing library e-catalogs

Russian academic journals (the case study of journals in physics)

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Использование сервиса Google Trends для анализа тенденций запросов читателей по экологической тематике

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Open Arch sentence examples within knowledge management system

Effectiveness of Reference Models for Knowledge Organization Systems

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Debranching thoracic endovascular aortic repair combined with ascending aortic aortoplasty

Management of the Aortic Arch in the Modern Era

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Flow partitioning in partially saturated fracture networks: Relation between dispersive properties and internal fracture geometry

Error assessment of traffic emission estimates using novel mobility datasets.

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Midterm Outcomes of a Prospective, Nonrandomized Study to Evaluate Endovascular Repair of Complex Aortic Aneurysms Using Fenestrated-Branched Endografts

The best option for complicated type B dissection with arch involved

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Alternative Approach for Cerebral Protection during Complex Aortic Arch and Redo Surgery

Debranching thoracic endovascular aortic repair combined with ascending aortic aortoplasty

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Mild hypothermic circulatory arrest with selective cerebral perfusion in open arch surgery.

Neurologic Outcomes in Aortic Arch Repair With Frozen Elephant Trunk Versus 2-Stage Hybrid Repair.

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Early outcome and mid-term survival after open arch repair using selective antegrade cerebral perfusion.

Spinal cord monitoring using collateral network near-infrared spectroscopy during extended aortic arch surgery with a frozen elephant trunk

Information support of the flow processes in the smart city transport and logistics system: methodology basis

MDTA: A New Approach of Supervised Machine Learning for Android Malware Detection and Threat Attribution Using Behavioral Reports

Open Architecture, Biocomposite Regenesorb Anchors Demonstrate Favorable Healing and Osseous Integration at Two years.

An Analysis of a Blockchain-Enabled E-Government Document Interchange Architecture (DIA) in Thailand

Improved Performance of the Autonomous Mobile Robot Vectors by New Intelligent Control Interfaces

Assessing capacity loss remediation methods for asymmetric redox flow battery chemistries using levelized cost of storage

Training for smart manufacturing using a mobile robot-based production line

Towards a COST MOBILISE Guideline for Long Term Preservation and Archiving of Data Constructs from Scientific Collections Facilities

Configuring a virtual prototype of a BiSCARA robot

The Genome Sequence Archive Family: Towards Explosive Data Growth and Diverse Data Types

Synthesis of V-notched half-open polymer microspheres via facile solvent-tuned self-assembly

Developed DICOM standard schema with DSpace

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Management of Development of Projects of Product IT Companies on Simulation Platforms

A comparative study of India and Australia open access repositories in open DOAR

Virtual horizontal machining center LOLA HBG 80 for program verification and monitoring

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Development of Cost-efficient Wireless Network for Solar UV Irradiation Monitoring in Bulgaria

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New Approaches to the Design of a Lunar Station for Servicing Automatic and Manned Spacecraft

An Abnormal Network Traffic Detection Scheme Using Local Outlier Factor in SDN

The Genome Sequence Archive Family: Toward Explosive Data Growth and Diverse Data Types.

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О разработке концепции Открытого архива информации ГПНТБ России


Application of BIM technology in the design of prefabricated architecture

“Where does that module live?” The difficulty of extending SOSA into smaller, expendable applications

Adaptive DSR to mitigate packet dropping attacks in WMNs using cross layer metrics

Analysis of Open Architecture 6R Robot Forward and Inverse Kinematics Adaptive to Structural Variations

Preservation for diverse users: digital preservation and the “Designated Community” at the Ontario Jewish Archives

Locating the Italian Radioactive Waste Repository: Issues and Perplexities Arisen from Open Data-Based Analyses about the TO-10 Site (NW Italy)

Congenital skeletal malformations induced by lambda-cyhalothrin, dibenzalacetone and heptanone derivatives in embryos of albino mice

Optimization and execution of multiple holes-drilling operations based on STEP-NC

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Strategic Considerations of Industry 4.0 on Electronic Warfare using Technology Roadmaps

SNT: a unifying toolbox for quantification of neuronal anatomy.

Bilayered NiZn(CO3)(OH)2–Ni2(CO3)(OH)2 nanocomposites as positive electrode for supercapacitors

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High Light Intensities Can Be Used to Grow Healthy and Robust Cannabis Plants During the Vegetative Stage of Indoor Production

OPEN ARCH integrated care model: experiences of older Australians and their carers.

Island scanning pattern optimization for residual deformation mitigation in laser powder bed fusion via sequential inherent strain method and sensitivity analysis

A phosphate binding pocket is a key determinant of exo- versus endo-nucleolytic activity in the SNM1 nuclease family

OPEN ARCH: A model of integration for the older person with complex needs

System Error Analysis and Position Accuracy Improvement in Networked Drive Control System for Synchronization

Morphoanatomical study, seasonal variation, and larvicidal activity of volatile oils from the leaves of Campomanesia pubescens (DC.) O. Berg (Myrtaceae)

A review of G code, STEP, STEP-NC, and open architecture control technologies based embedded CNC systems

Digital twins-based remote semi-physical commissioning of flow-type smart manufacturing systems

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Part-scale thermal simulation of laser powder bed fusion using graph theory: Effect of thermal history on porosity, microstructure evolution, and recoater crash

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