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Keyboard: An R Package Suite for Early Phase Dose-finding Designs

Adaptive Bayesian phase I clinical trial designs for estimating the maximum tolerated doses for two drugs while fully utilizing all toxicity information.

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TP53 Mutation as a Prognostic and Predictive Marker in Sarcoma: Pooled Analysis of MOSCATO and ProfiLER Precision Medicine Trials

Racial and ethnic disparities among participants in precision oncology clinical studies.

Oncology Trials sentence examples within I Oncology Trials

A Comparative Study of Bayesian Optimal Interval (BOIN) Design With Interval 3 + 3 (i3 + 3) Design for Phase I Oncology Dose-Finding Trials

Bridging across patient subgroups in phase I oncology trials that incorporate animal data

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Natural Language Processing for Patient Selection in Phase I or II Oncology Clinical Trials.

A new basket trial design based on clustering of homogeneous subpopulations

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CHK yourself, before you wreck yourself: targeting the DNA damage response in secondary pulmonary hypertension

Targeting Parthanatos in Ischemic Stroke

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Iius Oncology Trials

Cancer patient survival can be accurately parameterized, revealing time-dependent therapeutic effects and doubling the precision of small trials

A survival mediation model with Bayesian model averaging.

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SPA: Single patient acceleration in oncology dose-escalation trials.

The Outcome of TGFβ Antagonism in Metastatic Breast Cancer Models In Vivo Reflects a Complex Balance between Tumor-Suppressive and Proprogression Activities of TGFβ

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Surgical Oncology Trials

The surgical oncology clinical trial landscape: A cross-sectional analysis of from 2008-2020.

Challenging traditional research: A synopsis of the National Research Collaborative Meeting (NRCM) in 2017

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Pediatric Oncology Trials

Do the Potential Medical Benefits of Phase 1 Pediatric Oncology Trials Justify the Risks? Views of the US Public.

Patient Reported Outcomes in Pediatric Cancer Registration Trials: A U.S. Food and Drug Administration Perspective.

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Nrg Oncology Trials

Evaluation of Safety of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Patients With Multiple Metastases: Findings From the NRG-BR001 Phase 1 Trial.

Final Report of NRG Oncology RTOG 0022: A Phase I/II Study of Conformal and Intensity Modulated Radiation for Oropharyngeal Cancer.

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Adult Oncology Trials

Pharmacodynamic Study of Miransertib in Individuals with Proteus Syndrome.

Accelerating Pediatric Cancer Drug Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Pediatric Master Protocols

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Outcomes of patients with simultaneous diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma and multiple myeloma

Participation of women in phase I oncology clinical trials

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A Bayesian model-free approach to combination therapy phase I trials using censored time-to-toxicity data.

Commentary on Hay et al.: Can clinical trials data collection be improved by administrative data elements?

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Performance of randomization-based causal methods with and without integrating external data sources for adjusting overall survival in case of extensive treatment switches in placebo-controlled randomized oncology phase 3 trials

Quality-of-Life Assessment and Reporting in Prostate Cancer: Systematic Review of Phase 3 Trials Testing Anticancer Drugs Published Between 2012 and 2018.

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Finding Oncology Trials

Trends in patient-reported outcome use in early phase dose-finding oncology trials - an analysis of

Practical considerations for the implementation of adaptive designs for oncology Phase I dose-finding trials

Oncology Trials sentence examples within Pivotal Oncology Trials

Assessing population diversity in phase III trials of cancer drugs supporting Food and Drug Administration approval in solid tumors

Subgroup analyses in oncology trials: regulatory considerations and case examples.

Oncology Trials sentence examples within oncology trials registered

Female participation in U.S. oncology clinical trials registered on from 2008 to 2020.

Evaluation of Oncology Trial Results Reporting Over a 10-Year Period

Oncology Trials sentence examples within oncology trials often

Optimal one-stage design and analysis for efficacy expansion in Phase I oncology trials.

Abstract 1433: NeoTCR-P1, a novel neoepitope-specific adoptive cell therapy, consists of T cells with ‘younger’ phenotypes that rapidly proliferate and kill target cells upon recognition of cognate antigen

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Personalizing Precision Oncology Clinical Trials in Latin America: An Expert Panel on Challenges and Opportunities.

Optimizing access to matched therapies

Pragmatic patient engagement in designing pragmatic oncology clinical trials.

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An Audit of Interim Analyses of Randomized Controlled Trials [RCTs] Published in Three High Impact Factor Medical Journals over a seven-year period [2012-2018].

Would the Recommended Dose Have Been Different Using Novel Dose-Finding Designs? Comparing Dose-Finding Designs in Published Trials.

A Bayesian approach for event predictions in clinical trials with time-to-event outcomes.

Disparities and Access to Care: 2021 ASCO Annual Meeting Highlights for the Advanced Practitioner

Exploring the Impact of Treatment Switching on Overall Survival from the PROfound Study in Homologous Recombination Repair (HRR)-Mutated Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC)

Minority Enrollment to Clinical Trials: Road to Increased Access.

Importance and role of independent data monitoring committees (IDMCs) in oncology clinical trials

Practical and robust test for comparing binomial proportions in the randomized phase II setting.

Impact of open-label versus blinded study design on patient-reported outcomes data in randomized clinical trials of immunotherapy in advanced or metastatic cancer patients: a systematic review

Unsatisfied Reporting Quality of Clinical Trials Evaluating Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy in Cancer

Historical Benchmarks for Quality Tolerance Limits Parameters in Clinical Trials

Are radiological endpoints surrogate outcomes of overall survival in hepatocellular carcinoma treated with transarterial chemoembolization?

Editorial: Reporting Clinical Trials with Important Modifications Due to Extenuating Circumstances, Including the COVID-19 Pandemic: CONSERVE 2021

Validation of the Korean Version of the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System 29 Profile V2.1 among Cancer Survivors.

More Oncology Trials 腫瘍学試験 sentence examples

Racial distribution of clinical trial participants in the United States.

[Routine Practice Data for Evaluating Intervention Effects: Part 2 of the Manual].

Review of patient-reported outcomes in multiple myeloma registrational trials: highlighting areas for improvement

Minimizing control group allocation in randomized trials using dynamic borrowing of external control data – An application to second line therapy for non-small cell lung cancer

Frequency and distribution of various rheumatic disorders associated with checkpoint inhibitor therapy

What Drug Development Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations, and Investigators Can Do to Increase Diversity in Clinical Trials

Critical appraisal of clinical trials in oncology — part I

Pharmacokinetics of Lapatinib, a Nonrenally Cleared Drug, in Patients With End‐Stage Renal Disease on Maintenance Hemodialysis

The Evolving Design of NIH-Funded Cardio-Oncology Studies to Address Cancer Treatment-Related Cardiovascular Toxicity.

ASO Author Reflections: Patient-Reported Outcomes—Bench to Bedside