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Effect of Organic Nutrient Sources on Biological Properties of Soil in Potato and Turmeric Cropping System

Role of Soil Enzymes in Sustainable Crop Production

Estimation of Rate Constants for Nutrient Transformations

Edaphic factors but not plant characteristics mainly alter soil microbial properties along a restoration chronosequence of Pinus tabulaeformis stands on Mt. Ziwuling, China

Impact of Climate Change on Soil Carbon Exchange, Ecosystem Dynamics, and Plant–Microbe Interactions

Importance of benthic macrofauna and coastal biotopes for ecosystem functioning – Oxygen and nutrient fluxes in the coastal zone

High Capacity of Nutrient Accumulation by Invasive Solidago canadensis in a Coastal Grassland

Dynamics and transformations of micronutrients in agricultural soils as influenced by organic matter build-up: A review

Implications of climate change on nutrient pollution: a look into the nitrogen and phosphorus loadings in the Great Miami and Little Miami watersheds in Ohio

Bacterioplankton community in response to biological filters (clam, biofilm, and macrophytes) in an integrated aquaculture wastewater bioremediation system.

Microorganisms Cycling Soil Nutrients

Combining next-generation sequencing and single-molecule sequencing to explore brown plant hopper responses to contrasting genotypes of japonica rice

Black spruce assimilates nitrate in boreal winter.

Soil bacterial functional diversity mirrors the loss of plant diversity by the expansion of a native tall-grass in high mountain grasslands

Leaching and anaerobic digestion of poultry litter for biogas production and nutrient transformation.

Effect of manures and fertilizers on soil physical properties, build-up of macro and micronutrients and uptake in soil under different cropping systems: a review

The morphology and metabolic potential of the Chloroflexi in full‐scale activated sludge wastewater treatment plants

Particular internal recirculation frequency scope for enhancing denitrifying phosphorus removal in an oxidation ditch.

Effect of lysine feeding allowance on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing pigs

Linking cropland ecosystem services to microbiome taxonomic composition and functional composition in a sandy loam soil with 28-year organic and inorganic fertilizer regimes

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Nutrient Transformation 栄養素の変換
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