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Causal network learning with non-invertible functional relationships

A Riemannian optimization approach to the radial distribution network load flow problem

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From the Vector to Scalar Perturbations Addition in the Stark Broadening Theory of Spectral Lines

Comparison of numerical methods for computing the repeated Compton scattering of photons in isotropic media

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Ultralow-Power Double Vertical Junction Microdisk Modulators

Effective constructive heuristics for distributed no-wait flexible flow shop scheduling problem

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Inference over radiative transfer models using variational and expectation maximization methods

Unified Algorithm Framework for Nonconvex Stochastic Optimization in Deep Neural Networks

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Comparison of Reduction Methods for Finite Element Geometrically Nonlinear Beam Structures

Homotopy Particle Filter and Data Assimilation

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Quantitative and qualitative differences in the canonical and the reverse distance effect and their selective association with arithmetic and mathematical competencies

Quantitative and Qualitative Differences in the Canonical and the Reverse Distance Effect and Their Selective Association With Arithmetic and Mathematical Competencies

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On the global convergence of a fast Halley’s family to solve nonlinear equations

Abel–Goncharov Type Multiquadric Quasi-Interpolation Operators with Higher Approximation Order

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On the Nonlinear Vibrations and Stability Analysis of a Plate-Cavity System With a Nonlinear Restoring Force

Design and Application of an Adaptive Fuzzy Control Strategy to Zeroing Neural Network for Solving Time-Variant QP Problem

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Quantitative and qualitative differences in the canonical and the reverse distance effect and their selective association with arithmetic and mathematical competencies

Numerical Comparisons and Sex-Related Brain Connectivity

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A New Application of Gauss Quadrature Method for Solving Systems of Nonlinear Equations

Accelerating Frank-Wolfe with Weighted Average Gradients

Numerical Comparison sentence examples within numerical comparison experiment

A Parameter-Changing and Complex-Valued Zeroing Neural-Network for Finding Solution of Time-Varying Complex Linear Matrix Equations in Finite Time

On the conjunction of possibility measures under intuitionistic evidence sets

Bayesian Sensitivity-Specificity and ROC Analysis for Finding Key Drivers

Robust structured controller synthesis for interleaved boost converters using an H∞ control method

Finite-time stable estimator for attitude motion in the presence of bias in angular velocity measurements

Exponential integrators for large-scale stiff Riccati differential equations

Modeling of Hemodynamics in a Vascular Bioprosthesis

Research on User Operation of High-density Entity Interactive Target Quantitative Simulation Interface

Second-order accurate BGK schemes for the special relativistic hydrodynamics with the Synge equation of state

Optimal vaccination strategies for COVID-19 based on dynamical social networks with real-time updating

Modeling wave propagation using cellular automata on Chip

Design analysis of torsichrone centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers

On the computation of marginal likelihood via MCMC for model selection and hypothesis testing

Mesh Animation Compression using Skinning and Multi-chart Displacement Texture

On the efficient of adaptive methods to solve nonlinear equations

Harnessing Multi-View Perspective of Light Fields for Low-Light Imaging

Fast projection onto the ordered weighted ℓ1 norm ball

Observer-Based Finite-Time Adaptive Fuzzy Control with Prescribed Performance for Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems

Bifurcation and comparison of a discrete-time Hindmarsh-Rose model

Conclusions and perspectives for the 20th century, part 1: 200 years of discussion

A Dynamic Distance Measure of Picture Fuzzy Sets and Its Application

Data-Driven Space-Filling Curves

Palynological investigations reveal Eemian interglacial vegetation dynamics at Spiezberg, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

New Dynamic Group DEMATEL Decision-Making Method Based on Hesitant Fuzzy Linguistic Term Sets

Tourist trip design with heterogeneous preferences, transport mode selection and environmental considerations

Consistent comparison of full-Stokes and higher-order approximation in the central North East Greenland Ice Stream

A differentiable path-following method to compute subgame perfect equilibria in stationary strategies in robust stochastic games and its applications

Next-to-leading power threshold corrections for finite order and resummed colour-singlet cross sections


On the Solution of Nonlinear Equation for Photovoltaic Cell Using New Iterative Algorithms

A cash-constrained dynamic lot-sizing problem with loss of goodwill and credit-based loan

Numerically framing the impact of magnetic field on nanofluid flow over a curved stretching surface with convective heating


MATLAB computational routines for moment-curvature relation of reinforced concrete cross sections

Fast Self-Triggered MPC for Constrained Linear Systems With Additive Disturbances

Schuster – Schwarzschild model for cylindrically symmetric flows of the radiating gas

Analyses of thermal buckling and secondary instability of post-buckled S-FGM plates with porosities based on a meshfree method

Method for determining the degree of influence of the heating temperature on the strength set of concrete based on isotherms

Further Improvements on Non-Negative Edge Consensus of Networked Systems.

A positive and elementary stable nonstandard explicit scheme for a mathematical model of the influenza disease

A new method of stiffness prediction for periodic beam-like structures

Real-time Updating of Dynamic Social Networks for COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies

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