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Recent advances in iminyl radical-mediated catalytic cyclizations and ring-opening reactions

Utilization of bio-based glycolaldehyde aqueous solution in organic synthesis: application to the synthesis of 2,3-dihydrofurans

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Defending against GAN-based DeepFake Attacks via Transformation-aware Adversarial Faces

Energy-Efficient Spatially-Correlated Hardware Impaired Massive MIMO FD Relaying

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A Novel Mobile Edge Network Architecture with Joint Caching-Delivering and Horizontal Cooperation

Identification of Dynamical Behavior of Pseudoperiodic Time Series by Network Community Structure

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Development of analytical protocol for the investigation of transformation products of pre-harvest fungicides in fruits using LC-MS/MS methods

Bisphenol A attenuation in natural microcosm: Contribution of ecological components and identification of transformation pathways through stable isotope tracing.

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Event-Driven Sensor Scheduling for Mission-Critical Control Applications

FPGA-based low-complexity high-throughput real-time hardware accelerator for robust watermarking

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A Novel Tree Based Shuffling Technique for Fingerprint Template Security

PPO-DFK: A Privacy-Preserving Optimization of Distributed Fractional Knapsack With Application in Secure Footballer Configurations

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Heterologous Cas9 and non-homologous end joining as a Potentially Organism-Agnostic Knockout (POAK) system in bacteria

Factors affecting genetic transformation by particle bombardment of the prickly pear cactus (O. ficus-indica)

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Traffic Light Scheduling for Pedestrian-Vehicle Mixed-Flow Networks

A new computational approach for optimal control problems with multiple time-delay

K-Neighbourhood Analysis: A Method for Understanding SMLM Images as Compositions of Local Neighbourhoods

Hypervalent Iodine-Mediated Late-Stage Peptide and Protein Functionalization.

Stereoselective Diels–Alder Reactions of gem-Diborylalkenes: Toward the Synthesis of gem-Diboron-Based Polymers

On the Arcsecant Hyperbolic Normal Distribution. Properties, Quantile Regression Modeling and Applications

Fractional model for MHD flow of Casson fluid with cadmium telluride nanoparticles using the generalized Fourier’s law

Caputo Time Fractional Model Based on Generalized Fourier’s and Fick’s Laws for Jeffrey Nanofluid: Applications in Automobiles

Information-Loss-Bounded Policy Optimization

Extensive strain hardening in a transformation-induced plasticity-reinforced metallic glass matrix composite upon dynamic compression

Flexibility-Enhanced Continuous-Time Scheduling of Power System Under Wind Uncertainties

Hypervalent Iodine Reagent-Promoted Hofmann-Type Rearrangement/Carboxylation of Primary Amides.

Application of Linear Equation Systems in Banking Auditing

Pattern control for large-scale spacecraft swarms in elliptic orbits via density fields

Toolbox for α-amination reactions

Stereoselective Diels-Alder Reactions of gem-Diborylalkenes: Toward the Synthesis of gem-Diboron-Based Polymers via ROMP

C-H bond functionalization by high-valent cobalt catalysis: current progress, challenges and future perspectives.

Aminium cation-radical catalysed selective hydration of (E)-aryl enynes.

Paracoherent answer set computation

Gold-Catalyzed Reaction of Propargyl Esters and Alkynylsilanes: Synthesis of Vinylallene Derivatives through a Twofold 1,2-Rearrangement.

Effects of fractional mass transfer and chemical reaction on MHD flow in a heterogeneous porous medium

Localized Interactive Instance Segmentation

Relation between the T-congruence Sylvester equation and the generalized Sylvester equation

Cyclopropanation–ring expansion of 3-chloroindoles with α-halodiazoacetates: novel synthesis of 4-quinolone-3-carboxylic acid and norfloxacin

Stereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted Conjugated Dienes via Pd-Catalyzed Carbonylation of 1,3-Diynes.

On max-min fair allocation for multi-source transmission

An Input- Mapping Initialization Approach to Accelerate Iterative Learning of Similar Tasks

Understanding the axial chirality control of quinidine-derived ammonium cation-directed O-alkylation: a computational study.

The Direct Conversion of α-Hydroxyketones to Alkynes.

Adaptive time-varying formation tracking control of unmanned aerial vehicles with quantized input.

Aromatic Chemistry in the Excited states: Empowering Metal-Free Substitution and Cross-Couplings.

Scaled von Mises–Fisher Distributions and Regression Models for Paleomagnetic Directional Data

Bifunctional Thiourea-Catalyzed Asymmetric Inverse-Electron-Demand Diels-Alder Reaction of Allyl Ketones and Vinyl 1,2-Diketones via Dienolate Intermediate.

Photocatalytic Modification of Amino Acids, Peptides, and Proteins

A Rule Induction Approach to Forecasting Critical Alarms in a Telecommunication Network

Polar Transformation on Image Features for Orientation-Invariant Representations

Output-Constrained Robust Adaptive Control for Uncertain Nonlinear MIMO Systems With Unknown Control Directions

Non-fragile state estimation for fractional-order delayed memristive BAM neural networks

Conjugate Transformation for Dispersion Compensation in Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging

Recent topics of functionalized organolithiums using flow microreactor chemistry

Transforming Derivational Complexity of Term Rewriting to Runtime Complexity

Pldist: Ecological Dissimilarities for Paired and Longitudinal Microbiome Association Analysis

Content-Aware Multi-Level Guidance for Interactive Instance Segmentation

Designing of Artificial Metalloenzymes

Word Embedding With Zipf’s Context

Model transformation for analyzing dependability of AADL model by using HiP-HOPS

FCC to BCC transformation-induced plasticity based on thermodynamic phase stability in novel V10Cr10Fe45CoxNi35−x medium-entropy alloys

Radical Acylfluoroalkylation of Olefins through N-Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysis.

Methyl-triflate-mediated dearylmethylation of N-(arylmethyl)carboxamides via the retro-Mannich reaction induced by electrophilic dearomatization/rearomatization in an aqueous medium at room temperature

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