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Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge Hydrothermal Habitats: A Systematic Review of Knowledge Status for Environmental Management

Morphology and Internal Structure of Hydrothermal Orebodies Formed in Various Geological Settings of the World Ocean

Prospectivity Mapping for Magmatic-Related Seafloor Massive Sulfide on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Applying Weights-of-Evidence Method Based on GIS

High-resolution multibeam bathymetry of the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 45–46° N: the Moytirra hydrothermal field

Recovery of hydrothermal vent communities in response to an induced disturbance at the Lucky Strike vent field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge).

Remote-predictive geologic mapping of the Reykjanes Ridge: Implications for the volcanic and structural evolution of a slow-spreading Mid-Ocean Ridge

Application of scientific criteria for identifying hydrothermal ecosystems in need of protection

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Northern Mid Atlantic 北中部大西洋
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