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Microplastics in different tissues of a pelagic squid (Dosidicus gigas) in the northern Humboldt Current ecosystem.

Modelling seasonal patterns of larval fish parasitism in two northern nearshore areas in the Humboldt Current System

Synchronous multi-species alternations between the northern Humboldt and Kuroshio Current systems

Spatio-temporal trends in zooplankton biomass in the northern Humboldt current system off Peru from 1961-2012

Upwelling modulation of functional traits of a dominant planktonic grazer during “warm-acid” El Niño 2015 in a year-round upwelling area of Humboldt Current

Temporal changes in mesoscale aggregations and spatial distribution scenarios of the Peruvian anchovy (Engraulis ringens)

Temperature and pCO2 jointly affect the emergence and survival of cercariae from a snail host: implications for future parasitic infections in the Humboldt Current system.

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Northern Humboldt ノーザン・フンボルト
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