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Upward trends in new, rifampicin-resistant and concurrent extrapulmonary tuberculosis cases in northern Guizhou Province of China

Provenance of Lower Carboniferous Bauxite Deposits in Northern Guizhou, China: Constraints from Geochemistry and Detrital Zircon U-Pb Ages

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Geochemical characteristics and its geological application of over-mature Longmaxi shale gas in the northern Guizhou area, China

Influence of interbedded rock association and fracture characteristics on gas accumulation in the lower Silurian Shiniulan formation, Northern Guizhou Province

Climatic and hydrologic controls on upper Paleozoic bauxite deposits in South China

Evaluation of coal and shale reservoir in Permian coal-bearing strata for development potential: A case study from well LC-1# in the northern Guizhou, China

Fractal analysis of pores and the pore structure of the Lower Cambrian Niutitang shale in northern Guizhou province: Investigations using NMR, SEM and image analyses

The reservoir characteristics of marine shale and its effect on the adsorption of methane in Northern Guizhou

The Early Silurian Sedimentary Environment of Middle-Upper Yangtze: Lithological and Palaeontological Evidence and Impact on Shale Gas Reservoir

Giant bauxite deposits of South China: Multistage formation linked to Late Paleozoic Ice Age (LPIA) eustatic fluctuations

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Northern Guizhou 貴州省北部
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