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Structural Characteristics of the Tallest Mangrove Forests of the American Continent: A Comparison of Ground-Based, Drone and Radar Measurements

Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in frontier areas: A case study in the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon

Linking soil water and solutes fluxes to soil properties and vegetation types: insights from a case-study in the high tropical Andes of Ecuador

Root biomass and production by two cushion plant species of tropical high-elevation peatlands in the Andean páramo

Multichannel Seismic Imaging of the Northern Andean subduction margin in Ecuador: preliminary seismic processing results from HIPER campaign.

Three new species of Columnea (Gesneriaceae) from the western Andean slopes of Ecuador and Colombia

Multi-taxa ecological responses to habitat loss and fragmentation in western Amazonia as revealed by RAPELD biodiversity surveys

Ideas and perspectives: patterns of soil CO2, CH4, and N2O fluxes along an altitudinal gradient – a pilot study from an Ecuadorian neotropical montane forest

Characterization of an outbreak of malaria in a non-endemic zone on the coastal region of Ecuador

Love in the Time of War: Identifying Neighborhood-level Predictors of Intimate Partner Violence from a Longitudinal Study in Refugee-hosting Communities.

Traditional knowledge on soil management and conservation in the inter-Andean region, northern Ecuador

“Chicken dumping”: Motivations and perceptions in shifting poultry production practices

Studies in Neotropical Araliaceae. Three new species of Sciodaphyllum P. Browne (Araliaceae) with globose capitate inflorescences from Ecuador and Peru

Soil organic carbon stocks under different páramo vegetation covers in Ecuador’s northern Andes

Gut Microbiome Changes with Acute Diarrheal Disease in Urban Versus Rural Settings in Northern Ecuador.

New morphological data on the rare sigmodontine Mindomys hammondi (Rodentia, Cricetidae), an arboreal oryzomyine from north-western Andean montane forests

A New Species of Histiotus Gervais, 1856 (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae), from the Pacific Coast of Northern Peru

Tree community composition, structure and diversity along an elevational gradient in an Andean forest of Northern Ecuador

Agricultural Technology Adoption among Migrant Settlers and Indigenous Populations of the Northern Ecuadorian Amazon: Are Differences Narrowing?

Two new Oxytrechus species from Ecuadorian páramo (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Trechinae).

Biodiversity, dynamics, and impact of chakras on the Ecuadorian Amazon

Morphology and distribution of the South American snake Chironius leucometapus (Serpentes: Colubridae)

Active deformation in Ecuador enlightened by a new waveform-based catalog of earthquake focal mechanisms

Estrategias para el desarrollo sostenible y sustentable del Geoparque Imbabura, Ecuador

Drinking water quality in areas impacted by oil activities in Ecuador: Associated health risks and social perception of human exposure.

A Revision of Cuphea Section Amazoniana s. s. (Lythraceae)

The Current Genomic Landscape of Western South America: Andes, Amazonia, and Pacific Coast

Thou shalt be given… but how? A replication study and extended cost-effectiveness analysis of a randomized experiment on food assistance in Northern Ecuador

Climate change mitigation policy in Ecuador: Effects of land-use competition and transaction costs

Population genetics of the Plumbeous Sierra-finch (Geospizopsis unicolor) across the Ecuadorian paramos: uncovering the footprints of the last ice age

Combining remote sensing techniques and participatory mapping to understand the relations between forest degradation and ecosystems services in a tropical rainforest

Diversidad de comunidades fúngicas aisladas de tejidos sintomáticos de la uvilla (Physalis peruviana) en los Andes Ecuatorianos

Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment for Local and Regional Seismic Sources Along the Pacific Coast of Central America with Emphasis on the Role of Selected Uncertainties

Lymnaeid Snail Vectors of Fascioliasis, Including the First Finding of Lymnaea neotropica in Ecuador, Assessed by Ribosomal DNA Sequencing in the Southern Zone Close to the Peru Border

High altitude endemic carabid beetles as biogeographic indicators: a case study in equatorial Andes

Late Miocene freshwater mussels from the intermontane Chota Basin, northern Ecuadorean Andes

Improving Business-as-Usual Scenarios in Land Change Modelling by Extending the Calibration Period and Integrating Demographic Data

Public health issues from crude-oil production in the Ecuadorian Amazon territories.

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