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Temporal and Spatial Variability of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Forest Atmosphere

Temporal and Spatial Variability of Volatile Organic Compounds in the Forest Atmosphere

Impact of capture and chemical immobilization on the spatial behaviour of red deer Cervus elaphus hinds

Could plant diversity metrics explain climate-driven vegetation changes on mountain summits of the GLORIA network?

An updated investigation about climate-change hazards that might impact electric infrastructures

Plant landscape reconstruction above the current timberline at the Monte Cimone and Corno alle Scale mountain areas (Northern Apennines, Italy) during the Late Holocene: The evidence from soil charcoal

Diazotrophy Drives Primary Production in the Organic-Rich Shales Deposited Under a Stratified Environment During the Messinian Salinity Crisis (Vena del Gesso, Italy)

Reproductive and genetic consequences of extreme isolation in Salix herbacea L. at the rear edge of its distribution.

Mid-Eocene giant slope failure (sedimentary mélanges) in the Ligurian accretionary wedge (NW Italy) and relationships with tectonics, global climate change and the dissociation of gas hydrates

Substrate deformation and incorporation in sedimentary mélanges (olistostromes): Examples from the northern Apennines (Italy) and northwestern Dinarides (Slovenia)

Matilda’s castles, northern Apennines: geological and geomorphological constrains

Stable isotopes and rare earth element compositions of ancient cold seep carbonates from Enza River, northern Apennines (Italy): Implications for fluids sources and carbonate chimney growth

Predicting Extreme-Precipitation Effects on the Geomorphology of Small Mountain Catchments: Towards an Improved Understanding of the Consequences for Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Seismic Noise-Based Strategies for Emphasizing Recent Tectonic Activity and Local Site Effects: The Ferrara Arc, Northern Italy, Case Study

Three new Fragilaria species (Bacillariophyta) from low-conductivity mountain freshwaters (Alps and Apennines)

Behaviour of minor arcuate shapes hosted in curved fold-and-thrust belts: an example from the Northern Apennines (Italy)

Litho-structure of the Oltrepo Pavese, Northern Apennines (Italy)

Impact of capture and chemical immobilization on the spatial behaviour of red deer Cervus elaphus hinds

Deep structure of the Southern Apennines as imaged by active and passive seismic data along the CROP-04 (crustal) reflection seismic profile

New Light on Parasorex Depereti (Erinaceomorpha: Erinaceidae: Galericini) from the Late Messinian (MN 13) of the Monticino Quarry (Brisighella, Faenza, Italy)

Chronostratigraphic distribution of cetaceans in the Pliocene of Northern Apennines (Italy): palaeoecological implications

Persistent Scatterers continuous streaming for landslide monitoring and mapping: the case of the Tuscany region (Italy)

The lawsonite-glaucophane blueschists of Elba Island (Italy)

Identification, characterisation and analysis of the Oltrepo Pavese calanchi in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

Assessment of presence and distribution of Armillaria and Heterobasidion root rot fungi in the forest of Vallombrosa (Apennines Mountains, Italy) after severe windstorm damage

Ground level ice nucleating particles measurements at Capo Granitola, a Mediterranean coastal site

Integrated crustal model beneath the Po Plain (Northern Italy) from surface wave tomography and Bouguer gravity data

Syn-kinematic strata influence the structural evolution of emergent fold–thrust belts

Conductive heat flow pattern of the central-northern Apennines, Italy

Complex climate-induced changes in soil development as markers for the Little Ice Age in the Northern Apennines (Italy)

The Italian record of the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Canopy damage by spring frost in European beech along the Apennines: effect of latitude, altitude and aspect

Above and belowground biodiversity in adjacent and distinct serpentine soils

Environmental drivers of plant assemblages: are there differences between palustrine and lacustrine wetlands? A case study from the northern Apennines (Italy)

Plio-Quaternary transpressive tectonics: a key factor in the structural evolution of the outer Apennine–Adriatic system, Italy

Composite sequence stratigraphic patterns in alluvial to shallow-marine successions: Examples from the Piacenzian of the Valdelsa Basin (Central Italy)

The Ligurian oceanic successions in southern Italy: The key to decrypting the first orogenic stages of the southern Apennines-Calabria chain system

Integration of GNSS and Satellite InSAR Data: Derivation of Fine-Scale Vertical Surface Motion Maps of Po Plain, Northern Apennines, and Southern Alps, Italy

Redefinition of the Ligurian Units at the Alps–Apennines junction (NW Italy) and their role in the evolution of the Ligurian accretionary wedge: constraints from mélanges and broken formations

The role of mechanical stratigraphy on the refraction of strike-slip faults

Distinguishing the Mélange-Forming Processes in Subduction-Accretion Complexes: Constraints from the Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS)

Methane-derived authigenic carbonates on accretionary ridges: Miocene case studies in the northern Apennines (Italy) compared with modern submarine counterparts

Outcrop fracture network characterization for unraveling deformation sequence, geomechanical properties distribution, and slope stability in a flysch sequence (Monte Venere Formation, Northern Apennines, Italy)

Numerical Modelling of the Mulino Delle Vene Aquifer (Northern Italy) as a Tool for Predicting the Hydrogeological System Behavior under Different Recharge Conditions

The spread of no-till in conservation agriculture systems in Italy: indications for rural development policy-making

Hydrodynamic and Soil Biodiversity Characterization in an Active Landslide

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