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Length–Weight Relationships of Elasmobranch Species From Gökçeada Island in the Northern Aegean Sea

Trophic ecology of the Atlantic blue crab Callinectes sapidus as an invasive non-native species in the Aegean Sea

Northern Aegean sentence examples within northern aegean region

Roman lead ingots from Macedonia—the Augustan shipwreck of Comacchio (prov. Ferrara, Italy) and the reinterpretation of its lead ingots’ provenance deduced from lead isotope analysis

Uncovering the impact of Gokceada Volcanic Zone on pressure and temperature conditions of Thrace Basin in the Northern Aegean Sea using 1D basin modelling and seismic velocity extraction

Late Oligocene—Early Miocene shortening in the Thrace Basin, northern Aegean

Corrigendum to “Mid- to late-Holocene sea-level evolution of the northeastern Aegean sea”

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King of Macedon

Are islands special?

Geodetic analysis of the tectonic crustal deformation pattern in the North Aegean Sea, Greece

Influence of climatic factor of changes in forest fire danger and fire season length in Turkey

Monitoring temporal variations in the geothermal activity of Miocene Lesvos volcanic field using remote sensing techniques and MODIS - LST imagery

Summer mesozooplankton assemblages in relation to environmental parameters in Kavala Gulf, northern Aegean Sea

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