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CoANE: Modeling Context Co-occurrence for Attributed Network Embedding

Target Community Detection With User’s Preference and Attribute Subspace

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Semi-AttentionAE: An Integrated Model for Graph Representation Learning

Community Detection Using Node Attributes: A Non-negative Matrix Factorization Approach

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Distributed aggregation-based attributed graph summarization for summary-based approximate attributed graph queries

Adversarial learning for multi-view network embedding on incomplete graphs

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Node-Edge Bilateral Attributed Network Embedding

Social community detection and message propagation scheme based on personal willingness in social network

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Unsupervised Graph Alignment with Wasserstein Distance Discriminator

Heterogeneous Attributed Network Embedding with Graph Convolutional Networks

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Graph embedding clustering: Graph attention auto-encoder with cluster-specificity distribution

Effective Data Transmission Strategy Based on Node Socialization in Opportunistic Social Networks

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Predicting Attributes of Nodes Using Network Structure

Decoupled Smoothing on Graphs

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Android Malware Detection via Graph Representation Learning

Target Community Detection With User’s Preference and Attribute Subspace

Global and Node Attributes of Binary Brain Function Network Related to Emotion

Exploiting node metadata to predict interactions in large networks using graph embedding and neural networks

Extending the Integrity Constraint Support in a Graph Database

Detection of Community Structures in Dynamic Social Networks Based on Message Distribution and Structural/Attribute Similarities

A Universal Routing Algorithm Based on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Decision-Making in Opportunistic Social Networks

Brain Graph Super-Resolution Using Adversarial Graph Neural Network with Application to Functional Brain Connectivity

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Robust Graph based Deep Anomaly Detection on Attributed networks

EPGAT: Gene Essentiality Prediction With Graph Attention Networks

Network Together: Node Classification via Cross-Network Deep Network Embedding

Deep Attributed Network Embedding by Preserving Structure and Attribute Information

Smoothness Sensor: Adaptive Smoothness-Transition Graph Convolutions for Attributed Graph Clustering

HDMI: High-order Deep Multiplex Infomax

Attributed Heterogeneous Network Embedding Based on Graph Convolutional Neural Network

Conformity: A Path-Aware Homophily Measure for Node-Attributed Networks

Balancing topology structure and node attribute in evolutionary multi-objective community detection for attributed networks

Learning Graph Matching Substitution Weights based on a Linear Regression

Disentangled-based Adversarial Network for Multiplex Network Embedding

Prediction of drug-related diseases through integrating pairwise attributes and neighbor topological structures.

Engineering operation management technology based on network automation configuration visualization

GraphSMOTE: Imbalanced Node Classification on Graphs with Graph Neural Networks

Lightweight information integration model of IOT based on VMware cluster technology

CSIP: Enhanced Link Prediction with Context of Social Influence Propagation

Motif-Preserving Dynamic Attributed Network Embedding

Overlapping Attributed Graph Clustering using Mixed strategy games

Information Transmission among Multiple Investors: A Micro Perspective Revealed by Motifs

Multiplex Bipartite Network Embedding using Dual Hypergraph Convolutional Networks

Attributed Network Embedding with Micro-Meso Structure

Anomaly Detection for Nodes Under the Cloud Computing Environment

Link Prediction with Multiple Structural Attentions in Multiplex Networks

AGAN: Attribute generative adversarial network

Unsupervised Anomaly Detection on Node Attributed Networks: A Deep Learning Approach

Attributed Heterogeneous Graph Neural Network for Malicious Domain Detection

Attributed Network Embedding via Edge Information Enhancing for Wireless Communication Network

Outlier Aware Network Embedding for Attributed Networks

Co-Association Matrix-Based Multi-Layer Fusion for Community Detection in Attributed Networks

Extractive convolutional adversarial networks for network embedding

Generative Graph Convolutional Network for Growing Graphs

Preservation of Attribute Couplet Attack by Node Addition in Social Networks

GCN-LASE: Towards Adequately Incorporating Link Attributes in Graph Convolutional Networks

Community Detection via Joint Graph Convolutional Network Embedding in Attribute Network

Masked Graph Convolutional Network

Overlapping Community Detection in Static and Dynamic Social Networks

Deep Multi-attributed Graph Translation with Node-Edge Co-Evolution

Spectral Graph Forge: A Framework for Generating Synthetic Graphs With a Target Modularity

Exploiting Tri-types of Information for Attributed Network Embedding

Coupled Semi-supervised Clustering: Exploring Attribute Correlations in Heterogeneous Information Networks

Knowledge Graph Enhanced Community Detection and Characterization

Measure community quality by attribute importance and density in social networks

Spectral clustering-based network community detection with node attributes

DINE: A Framework for Deep Incomplete Network Embedding

Predicting lncRNA-miRNA Interaction via Graph Convolution Auto-Encoder

Heterogeneous Item Recommendation for the Air Travel Industry

Attributed Graph Clustering via Adaptive Graph Convolution

Hypergraph Link Prediction: Learning Drug Interaction Networks Embeddings

Community detection in attributed networks considering both structural and attribute similarities: two mathematical programming approaches

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Attributed Network Embedding via a Siamese Neural Network

Robust Graph Convolutional Networks Against Adversarial Attacks

A scalable attribute-aware network embedding system

Edge attribute-enhanced community discovery in social networks

A Robust Embedding for Attributed Networks with Outliers

Constrained Consistency Modeling for Attributed Network Embedding

Commercializing academic research: a social network approach exploring the role of regions and distance

A non-negative matrix factorization approach to update communities in temporal networks using node features

General link prediction with influential node identification

Efficient and Incremental Clustering Algorithms on Star-Schema Heterogeneous Graphs

NEOKNN: A Network Embedding Method Only Knowing Neighbor Nodes

Modeling Emotion Influence Using Attention-based Graph Convolutional Recurrent Network

A Random-Field Approach to Inference in Large Models of Network Formation

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