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The role social diversity plays in enhancing mental health literacy among the elderly

Social Interaction and Academic Performance of Construction Management Students

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Exploring the spatial impacts of human activities on urban traffic crashes using multi-source big data

A spatiotemporal deep learning approach for citywide short-term crash risk prediction with multi-source data.

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Adaptive Multi-Access Algorithm for Multi-Service Edge Users in 5G Ultra-Dense Heterogeneous Networks

Identification of Cybersecurity Elements Based on Convolutional Attention LSTM Networks

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Research on Small-World Network Communication of Public Sentiment by Self-Media Based on Energy Model

The Role of Disturbed Small-World Networks in Patients with White Matter Lesions and Cognitive Impairment Revealed by Resting State Function Magnetic Resonance Images (rs-fMRI)

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Size does not matter -- in the virtual world. Comparing online social networking behaviour with business success of entrepreneurs

Size does not matter - in the virtual world. Comparing online social networking behaviour with business success of entrepreneurs

Global and Node Attributes of Binary Brain Function Network Related to Emotion

Modeling Analysis and Algorithm Optimization Design of Vehicle Networking Based on Information Transmission

Two-Phase Access Network Selection Scheme Based on Weighted Sum and Game Theoretical Approaches for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

Driving force of industrial technology innovation: coevolution of multistage overseas M&A integration and knowledge network reconfiguration

Deployment of Information Diffusion for Community Detection in Online Social Networks: A Comprehensive Review

Construct social‐behavioral association network to study management impact on waterbirds community ecology using digital video recording cameras

A data-driven and network-aware approach for credit risk prediction in supply chain finance

Decoding of Motor Coordination Imagery Involving the Lower Limbs by the EEG-Based Brain Network

Discriminating flash crowds from DDoS attacks using efficient thresholding algorithm

Routing policy choice prediction in a stochastic network: Recursive model and solution algorithm

Effect of Multishell Diffusion MRI Acquisition Strategy and Parcellation Scale on Rich-Club Organization of Human Brain Structural Networks

Load Balancing Selection Method and Simulation in Network Communication Based on AHP-DS Heterogeneous Network Selection Algorithm

Mobility-Aware Seamless Handover With MPTCP in Software-Defined HetNets

Depth-dependent Clustering Analysis of Fractures in Crystalline Basement Rocks

More Is Not Always Better: An Analytical Study of Controller Synchronizations in Distributed SDN

Performance Model for Factory Automation in 5G Networks

Device Sampling for Heterogeneous Federated Learning: Theory, Algorithms, and Implementation

Attribute Propagation for Utilities

MGRCDA: Metagraph Recommendation Method for Predicting CircRNA-Disease Association.

Microbial communities network structure across strong environmental gradients: How do they compare to macroorganisms?

A Network-based approach for Quantifying the Resilience and Vulnerability of HIV-1 Native Glycan Shield

Dynamic origin-destination matrix calibration for large-scale network simulators

A Simple Approach to Attributed Graph Embedding via Enhanced Autoencoder

Analyzing and Visualizing Anomalies and Events in Time Series of Network Traffic

How Advantageous Is It? An Analytical Study of Controller-Assisted Path Construction in Distributed SDN

Difference Analysis of Brain Network Working Memory Data with EEG Sub-Sequence Feature Vector as Node

Decision for Vertical Handover based on Naive Bayes Algorithm

A Polyphasic Approach for Assessing Eco-System Connectivity Demonstrates that Perturbation Remodels Network Architecture in Soil Microcosms

Cross-layer collaboration handoff mechanism based on multi-attribute decision in mobile computation offloading

Evolutionary Game based Heterogeneous Wireless Network Selection with Multiple Traffics in 5G

Experience: Managing Misinformation in Social Media—Insights for Policymakers from Twitter Analytics

Classification of Early and Late Mild Cognitive Impairment Using Functional Brain Network of Resting-State fMRI

A Manifesto for Energy-Aware Software

Network Selection Algorithm for Multiservice Multimode Terminals in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

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