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Abstract 237: Inferring spatial organization of tumor microenvironment from single-cell RNA sequencing data using graph embedding

The (ir)relevance of economic segregation : Jane Jacobs and the empirical and moral implications of an unequal spatial distribution of wealth

Neighborhood and Child Development at Age Five: A UK–US Comparison

If you build it, they will change: Evaluating the impact of commuter rail stations on real estate values and neighborhood composition in the Rotterdam–The Hague metropolitan area, the Netherlands

Including tree spatial extension in the evaluation of neighborhood competition effects in Bornean rain forest

Ethnic Diversity and Educational Success: evidence from France

Relocating from neoliberal way to democracy drive: Addressing identity in/as place

Living in the Big Pond: How Socioeconomic Neighborhood Composition Predicts Students’ Academic Self-Concept

A Multilevel Analysis of Collective Efficacy, Neighborhood Disorder, and Individual Social Capital on Avoidance Behavior

Black Parenting Couples’ Discussions of the Racial Socialization Process: Occurrence and Effectiveness

Moderating Effects of Perceived Neighborhood Factors on Intimate Partner Violence, Psychological Distress, and Suicide Risk.

Vulnerability Assessment during Mass Evacuation: Integrated Microsimulation-Based Evacuation Modeling Approach

The same place but different: How neighborhood context differentially affects homogeneity in networks of different social groups

Probabilistic walking models using built environment and sociodemographic predictors

Analyzing Cysteine Site Neighbors in Proteins to Reveal Dimethyl Fumarate Targets

What They Don’t Know Says A Lot: Residents’ Knowledge of Neighborhood Crime in Contemporary China

Chapter 4 Government Regulation and Social Control of Neighborhoods

Neighborhood Influences on Women’s Parenting Practices for Adolescents’ Outdoor Play: A Qualitative Study

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