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To Rebuild or Relocate? Long-Term Mobility Decisions of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Recipients

Use of Geographic Information Systems to Explore Associations between Neighborhood Attributes and Mental Health Outcomes in Adults: A Systematic Review

Local variation in cannabis use patterns among young adults in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Patterns of Upper Extremity Reconstruction for Patients With Tetraplegia Across the United States: A Retrospective Study.

Using Google Street View to examine associations between built environment characteristics and U.S. health outcomes

Detecting social media users based on pedestrian networks and neighborhood attributes: an observational study

The Long-Run Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Families

Exploring the Importance of Transportation Infrastructure and Accessibility to Satisfaction with Urban and Suburban Neighborhoods: An Application of Gradient Boosting Decision Trees

The Assessment Gap: Racial Inequalities in Property Taxation

A hedonic pricing method to estimate the value of waterfronts in the Gulf of Mexico

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Neighborhood Attributes 近隣属性
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