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Traugott Lawler. 2018. The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman. Volume 4: C Passūs 15–19; B Passūs 13–17. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, xv + 499 pp., $ 89.95/£ 69.00.

Textual Distortion ed. by Elaine Treharne, and Greg Walker (review)

Initiation of ice jam in front of bridge piers—An experimental study

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Transverse response of pile group foundations supporting a long-span cable-stayed bridge under uniform and nonuniform excitation

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An investigation of water-flow pressure distribution on bridge piers under flood loading

Evaluation of Seismic Response Considering the Ageing Effect of Rubber and Lead-Rubber Bearings Applied to PSC Box Bridge

Influence of steel jacket thickness on the RC bridges’ seismic vulnerability

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Temperature Effects on Horizontally Curved Concrete Box-Girder Bridges with Single-Column Piers

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Hybrid Testing of Concrete Bridge Piers with Different Detailing at Column–Foundation Interface

Observed failure modes of unreinforced masonry buildings during the 2015 Hindu Kush earthquake

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On the Local Scour Around Group Piers in Series by Experimental Tests

Computational studies on the seismic response of the State Route 99 bridge in Seattle with SMA/ECC plastic hinges


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Assessment of a Medieval Arch Bridge Resorting to Non-destructive Techniques and Numerical Tools

Lifecycle Environmental Impact Assessment of an Overtopping Wave Energy Converter Embedded in Breakwater Systems

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Widening of the Cable-Stayed Bridge Over the Rande Strait in Spain

Effects of friction-based fixed bearings on seismic performance of high-speed railway simply supported girder bridges and experimental validation

Lincoln Brower, Champion for Monarchs

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