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Microemulsion extraction of biobutanol from surfactant based-extractive fermentation broth

Analysis of antiviral use efficiency criteria in the complex pharmacotherapy of community acquired pneumonia

Typification of 25 names in Inula (Inuleae, Asteraceae), and a new combination in Pentanema

Imine Metathesis by Silica-Supported Catalysts Using the Methodology of Surface Organometallic Chemistry.

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Regioselective Oxidation of C-H Bonds in Unactivated Alkanes by a Vanadium Superoxo Catalyst Bound to a Supramolecular Host.

The promoting effect of Pt on the co-aromatization of pentane with methane and propane over Zn-Pt/HZSM-5

Oxidative Generation of Boron-Centered Radicals in Carboranes

1-Hydroxymethyl-7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-ene skeleton in enantiopure form through enzymatic kinetic resolution.

Transhydrogenation of pentane and 1-hexyne over CrOx/Al2O3 and potassium-doped CrOx/Al2O3 catalysts

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