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Performance of Relay Selection for NOMA Based Cooperative Networks Over Shadowed Fading Channels

Relay-Aided Downlink Massive MIMO NOMA With Estimated CSI

Multiple Relay sentence examples within Deploying Multiple Relay

Dynamic Interference Management for UAV-Assisted Wireless Networks

Relay transmission for air-to-undersea magnetic induction communication

Multiple Relay sentence examples within Supporting Multiple Relay

Hybrid NOMA/OMA Broadcasting-and-Buffer-State-Based Relay Selection

Performance Evaluation of Generalized Buffer-State-Based Relay Selection in NOMA-Aided Downlink

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Multiple Relay sentence examples within Traditional Multiple Relay

On Physical Layer Security of Multiple-Relay Assisted NOMA Systems

Secrecy Outage Analysis for Cooperative NOMA Systems With Relay Selection Schemes

Multiple Relay sentence examples within multiple relay node

On the Uplink SIR Meta Distribution for AF Relay Networks

Hybrid Buffer-Aided Relay Selection Based on Half-Duplex and Virtual Full-Duplex Transmission

Multiple Relay sentence examples within multiple relay selection

Multi-objective cooperative medium access control protocols in wireless Ad-Hoc networks

Multiple Relay Selection and Beamforming in Dual-Hop Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks

A Stochastic Beamforming Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network with Multiple Relays and Multiple Eavesdroppers

BER analysis of NOMA with max-min relay selection

Energy-Efficient Power Allocation in Non-Linear Energy Harvesting Multiple Relay Systems

Optimizing Packet Scheduling and Path Selection for Anonymous Voice Calls

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Hybrid, SWIPT-Based, Green Cooperative Wireless System Design and Performance Analysis

Coded caching design for fog-aided networks

Covert Communication in Relay-Assisted IoT Systems

Analysis of SWIPT based dual-hop AF relay with SSK modulation over Nakagami-m fading channel

Reduce delay of multipath TCP in IoT networks

Relay Selection for Energy-Harvesting Relays With Finite Data Buffer and Energy Storage

Content popularity prediction for cache-enabled wireless B5G networks

Cooperative Wireless-Powered NOMA Relaying for B5G IoT Networks With Hardware Impairments and Channel Estimation Errors

Optimal Relay Selection Scheme with Multiantenna Power Beacon for Wireless-Powered Cooperation Communication Networks

Short-Packet Communications in Wireless-Powered Cognitive IoT Networks: Performance Analysis and Deep Learning Evaluation

Iterative Decoding of Chase Pyndiah Decoder Utilizing Multiple Relays Network

Analyzing and Optimizing Cooperative Communication for in Vivo WBAN

Distributed Q-Learning Based Joint Relay Selection and Access Control Scheme for IoT-Oriented Satellite Terrestrial Relay Networks

Partial Relay Selection for Two-Way Mixed RF/FSO DF Networks in the Presence of I/Q Imbalance

Studying strictly positive secure capacity in cognitive radio-based non-orthogonal multiple access

Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer With Cooperative Relaying for Next-Generation Wireless Networks: A Review

Wireless Multicasting with Zero-Forcing Filtering

On the Security Analysis of a Cooperative Incremental Relaying Protocol in the Presence of an Active Eavesdropper

Improving Performance of Far Users in Cognitive Radio: Exploiting NOMA and Wireless Power Transfer

MIMO Multi-Group Multi-Way Relaying: Interference Alignment in a Partially Connected Network

Cache-Aided Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) With Relay Selection

Robust Transmissions in Wireless-Powered Multi-Relay Networks With Chance Interference Constraints

Resource Allocation Scheme for One-to-Many Cooperative Wireless Systems Using the Bidding Game Strategy

Relay-Centric Two-Hop Networks With Asymmetric Wireless Energy Transfer: Stackelberg Games

Secure Transmission for Buffer-Aided Relay Networks with Delay Constraints

Multiple relay-based Reed-Muller network-coded cooperation for wireless communication system

SSK-Based SWIPT With AF Relay

Resource allocation for smart grid communication based on a multi-swarm artificial bee colony algorithm with cooperative learning

On Analysis of Signal Detection in Relays Networks over Time-Varying Rayleigh Channels

Cooperative Cognitive Non-Orthgonal Multiple Access Under Unreliable Backhaul Connections

Relay-Aided Secure Broadcasting for Visible Light Communications

Pricing user scheduling and precoding in relay-assisted massive MIMO systems

MIMO multi-relay systems with tensor space-time coding based on coupled nested Tucker decomposition

Uplink spectral efficiency for small-cells with dual-hop amplify-and-forward relaying at 28 GHz

On the performance of receiver strategies for cooperative relaying cellular networks with NOMA

Research on the Security of SISOMR Wireless Channel with Artificial Noise

Optimal routing and one hop routing for D2D communications in the presence of mutual interference

Effective secrecy throughput analysis of relay-assisted free-space optical communications

Multi-relay cooperation with self-energy recycling and power consumption considerations

Reduce Transmission Delay for Caching-Aided Two-Layer Networks

Flex-NOMA: Exploiting Buffer-Aided Relay Selection for Massive Connectivity in the 5G Uplink

Placement delivery array design for the coded caching scheme in medical data sharing

Multi-User Relay Selection for Full-Duplex Radio

Stochastic Cooperative Communications Using a Geometrical Probability Approach for Wireless Networks

ABEP Performance of AF System Employing QSSK over IoT Network

The Energy Efficient Power Allocation for Multiple Relay-Aided D2D communication in 5G networks Using Iterative algorithm

A Machine Learning Approach to Achieving Energy Efficiency in Relay-Assisted LTE-A Downlink System †

Distributed Processing for Multi-Relay Assisted OFDM With Index Modulation

Power beacon assisted wireless power cooperative relaying using NOMA with hardware impairments and imperfect CSI

DOS/SP: Distributed Opportunistic Channel Access with Smart Probing in Wireless Cooperative Networks

Collaborative Relay Beamforming with Direct Links in Wireless Powered Communications

Joint Relay and Eavesdropper Selection Strategy Against Multiple Eavesdroppers over Nakagami- $m$ Fading Channels in Cooperative Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks

Energy Efficiency of a Decode-and-Forward Multiple-Relay Network with Rate Adaptive LDPC Codes †

Relay Selections for Cooperative Underlay CR Systems With Energy Harvesting

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