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Factors Regulating microRNA Expression and Function in Multiple Myeloma

In Situ Proteolytic Activity in Nepenthes gracilis Pitcher Plant Traps Is Affected by Both Pitcher-Extrinsic and Pitcher-Intrinsic Factors

Multiple Regulation sentence examples within multiple regulation approach

Light-driven autonomous self-oscillation of a liquid-crystalline polymer bimorph actuator

Broadening Our Field of View: The Role of Emotion Polyregulation

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Internet Data Center Load Modeling for Demand Response Considering the Coupling of Multiple Regulation Methods

Multiple regulation of surface engineering for lithium-rich layered cathode materials via one-step strategy

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Affective Priming and Decision-Making in the Economic Game

Exogenous melatonin prevents type 1 diabetes mellitus–induced bone loss, probably by inhibiting senescence

Hierarchical Optimization Decision-Making Method to Comply with China’s Fuel Consumption and New Energy Vehicle Credit Regulations

Evaluation and forecast method of coordination degree between urban traffic planning and land use

Environmental and economic concerns surrounding restrictions on glyphosate use in corn

Elaboración de una lista de Comprobación con Base a las Normativas Establecidos por los Organismos de Control Frente a los Agentes Biológicos

Elaboration of a Phytomedicine for Intestinal Comfort Based on the European Union Regulation on Traditional Use: Mixture Design Optimization

A strategy of the rural governance for territorial spatial planning in China

Single reflector design for integrated low/high beam meeting multiple regulations with light field management.

The Effect of Religious Dietary Cultures on Food Nitrogen and Phosphorus Footprints: A Case Study of India

From Working Tourists to Permanent Residents: Experiences of Migrant Workers with Youth Mobility Schemes in Canada

Effects of norfloxacin on nitrate reduction and dynamic denitrifying enzymes activities in groundwater.

Rainwater characteristics and interaction with atmospheric particle matter transportation analyzed by remote sensing around Beijing.

Multiple Regulations of Mn-based Oxides in Boosting Peroxymonosulfate Activation for Norfloxacin Removal

Cellular Cleavage and Polyadenylation Specificity Factor 6 (CPSF6) Mediates Nuclear Import of Human Bocavirus 1 NP1 Protein and Modulates Viral Capsid Protein Expression

Periplaneta Americana L. as a novel therapeutics accelerates wound repair and regeneration.

Just Within the Limits of the Law: Minors from Consumers of Advertising to Creators of Advertising in Spain

Governance of aquaculture water use

Trusted Software Supply Chain

Cost Implications for Automaker Compliance of Zero Emissions Vehicle Requirements.

Study on the Development of Fuling Mustard Industry Guided by the Rural Vitalization Strategy

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Multiple Regulation 複数の規制
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