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Multiple Perspective sentence examples within collective leadership development

From competency to conversation: a multi-perspective approach to collective leadership development

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Offering Multiple Perspective

Advancing the social psychology of rapid societal change

Sustainable Product Lifecycle: The Role of ICT

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Integrating Multiple Perspective

Locating Potential Leverage Points In A Systems Thinking Causal Loop Diagram Toward Policy Intervention

Didactic metadata informing teachers’ selection of learning resources: boundary crossing in professional development

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Provide Multiple Perspective

Similarities between stock price correlation networks and co-main product networks: Threshold scenarios

A Study on the Narrative Strategy of Roads of Destiny

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Integrate Multiple Perspective

What do we Learn by Observing Collaborative Design Among Cross-Domain, Cross-Role Educators?

From the Editor’s Desk

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Include Multiple Perspective

Determining Outcome in Children and Adolescents After Concussion: Viewing Things More Holistically.

“In the desert, we are all illegal aliens”: Border Confluences and Border Wars in Luis Alberto Urrea’s The Devil’s Highway

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Explore Multiple Perspective

The Influence of Gender on Rural Honduran Women’s Participation and Leadership in Community Groups

An Exploratory Study of Person-Centered Care in a Large Urban Hemodialysis Program in Canada Using a Qualitative Case-Study Methodology

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Understanding Multiple Perspective

Adapting Curriculum for a Changing Context

Children’s Stories Supporting the Development of Critical Literacy and Intercultural Understanding

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Incorporate Multiple Perspective

Technologies of trust in epidemic response: openness, reflexivity and accountability during the 2014–2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Toward a cybercrime classification ontology: A knowledge-based approach

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Yield Multiple Perspective

Consequences experienced by men in an abusive relationship

Causes of men abuse in the Province of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Bring Multiple Perspective

Inclusion in the American Military: A Force for Diversity

From contesting to conversing about resilience: kickstarting measurement in complex research environments

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Require Multiple Perspective

Blended learning in higher education: Trends and capabilities

A case report of mevalonate kinase deficiency in a 14-month-old female with fevers and lower extremity weakness

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Involving Multiple Perspective

Modelling Dynamic Interactions Between Relevance Dimensions

Softening the hierarchy: the role of student agency in building learning organisations

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Giving Multiple Perspective

Personal experiences of psychological therapy for psychosis and related experiences

Hacia una generación de resúmenes sin sesgo a partir de contenido generado por el usuario: Un enfoque preliminar

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Capture Multiple Perspective

Assessing Assets Among Street-Connected Youth: New Angles With Participatory Methods in Tanzania

Capturing Multiple Perspectives in a Multi-actor Survey: The Impact of Parental Presence During Child Interviews on Reporting Discrepancies

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Encourage Multiple Perspective

Exploring multicultural books through predictions and social interactions: A case study with kindergarteners in the United States

Walking the commonplaces of paradise: Pastoral precursors in Milton’s garden of Eden

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Considering Multiple Perspective

Logic Based Look-Ahead for the Execution of Multi-perspective Declarative Processes

The Relationship between Maternal Overprotection, Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems, and Psychological Need Frustration: A Multi-Informant Study Using Response Surface Analysis

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Communicating Multiple Perspective

Applying integrated valuation of ecosystem services in Latin America: Insights from 21 case studies

Perspective, Voice, Reference, and Warrant: A Sample of Ameliorations to the Multi-Perspective Design Requirement and Some Arguments Against It

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Blending Multiple Perspective

Emerging trajectories for spatial pattern analysis in landscape ecology

Strategic environmental assessment effectiveness in Portugal

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within Present Multiple Perspective

Decision-making and Risk Management

High-Frequency Transformer Design for LLC Resonant Converter with High Insulation Capability

Multiple Perspective sentence examples within multiple perspective approach

A Multiple Perspective Approach to History of Mathematics: Mathematical Programming and Rashevsky’s Early Development of Mathematical Biology in the Twentieth Century

Teaching Without a Net: Mindful Design Education

Enabling the return-to-work process among people with affective disorders: A multiple-case study

Use of infrared imaging for structure from motion assessment of heat loss in buildings

P-CNN: Enhancing text matching with positional convolutional neural network

Handling augmented appraisal degrees from multiple perspectives with the universal operator X a,b,c,d,e,f

Children’s Visual and Verbal Humorous Productions After Participating in a Series of Creative Activities, Framed by the Theory of the Absurd and the Empowerment Theory

Training for Interreligious Classroom Teaching: An Empirical Study

Factors affecting the injury severity of out-of-control single-vehicle crashes in Singapore.

“Don’t sweat it buddy, it’s OK”: an exploration of the needs of adolescents with disabilities when designing a mobile application for weight management and healthy lifestyles

A Methodology for Resolving Heterogeneity and Interdependence in Data Analytics

Semantic Enrichment of Linked Personal Authority Data: A Case Study of Elites in Late Imperial China

Formal Analysis of Human-Assisted Smart City Emergency Services

Education and democracy in dangerous times

Semantic-Aware Visual Abstraction of Large-Scale Social Media Data With Geo-Tags

Performances of OLAP Operations in Graph and Relational Databases


The Writing Paradigm of Literature Review Papers in Management Science

Introduction to the special issue: Insights into interpersonal violence, aggression, and maltreatment: Bridging relationship science with personality and social psychology

Morality in Groups

SparkTune: tuning Spark SQL through query cost modeling

Developing a dramatic analysis of conflict transformation: in what way can Stanislavski’s magic ‘if’ be a stimulus to peacebuilding?

Investigation of defects influencing performance of type-II InAs/GaInSb superlattice based infrared PIN type photodetectors

Implementation of a Calorie Menu Labeling Policy in Public Hospitals: Study Protocol for a Multiple Case Study

Dynamically Weighted Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning for CAPTCHA

Normalization of Multiple Efficiency Intervals by Interval Data Envelopment Analysis from Different Frameworks

Exploring the contribution of social enterprise to health and social care: A realist evaluation.

Multi-perspective predictive modeling for acute kidney injury in general hospital populations using electronic medical records

Computer-aided detection and visualization of pulmonary embolism using a novel, compact, and discriminative image representation

Defining and Optimizing Value in Total Joint Arthroplasty From the Patient, Payer, and Provider Perspectives.

Preparing College Students to Facilitate Action Civics Among K-12 Students

[Multi-dimensional mining and analysis of core prescriptions in launched Chinese patent medicine for treatment of influenza].

The management of first party fraud in e-tailing: a qualitative study

Suggesting a “Three-Ball Cycle” Theory on International Emergency Management and its Application in Korea

A Study on Small Clinics Waste Management Practice, Rules, Staff Knowledge, and Motivating Factor in a Rapidly Urbanizing Area

A Literature Review of Social CRM and Future Prospects

Sedimentary DNA reveals over 150 years of ecosystem change by human activities in Lake Chao, China.

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Tools for Developing Cognitive Agents

A Pilot Study on Consumer IoT Device Vulnerability Disclosure and Patch Release in Japan and the United States

Divestiture of prior acquisitions: competing explanations of performance

Toward a comprehensive view of cancer immune responsiveness: a synopsis from the SITC workshop

Modeling the Propagation of Soft Errors in Programs

Phenomenological Case Study of Spiritual Connectedness in the Academic Workplace

Applying the world-changing through social action protocol with young adult literature

Network Pharmacology-based Analysis on the Molecular Biological Mechanisms of Xin Hui Tong Formula in Coronary Heart Disease Treatment

Where is the family voice? Examining the relational dimensions of the family- healthcare professional and its perceived impact on patient care outcomes in mental health and addictions


Online Instructional Practices for Racially Diverse Student Populations in United States Higher Education Institutions: Challenges and Best Practices

Empathy, closeness, and distance in non-profit accountability

Multiple Perspectives in Conflict Settings: An Introduction

Exploiting Point Motion, Shape Deformation, and Semantic Priors for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction in the Wild

Using Self-Organizing Map and Clustering to Investigate Problem-Solving Patterns in the Massive Open Online Course: An Exploratory Study

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