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Investigating epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition with integrated computational and experimental approaches.

Identification and Characterization of a Transcribed Distal Enhancer Involved in Cardiac Kcnh2 Regulation.

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COMSOL simulation of microwave plasma polishing on different surfaces

End-to-end Dynamic Stream Processing on Maxeler HLS Platforms

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An Efficient Point-Matching Method Based on Multiple Geometrical Hypotheses

A Dynamic Programming Based Method for Optimum Linear Decomposition of Index Generation Functions

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Multiple Partial sentence examples within multiple partial differential

COMSOL simulation of microwave plasma polishing on different surfaces

Heat and mass transfer with viscous dissipation in porous medium: FEM based methodology

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Integration of Multiple RGB-D Data of a Deformed Clothing Item into Its Canonical Shape

The Development of a new virtual croplands erosion measurement system using three-dimensional laser scanner and empirical Kostiakov-Lewis models

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Wavelet Kernel-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Localization of Partial Discharge Sources Within a Power Apparatus

Research of partial discharge characteristics in XLPE-insulated cables with single and multiple defects

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QNAR modeling of cytotoxicity of mixing nano-TiO2 and heavy metals.

Quantitative Detection of Chromium Pollution in Biochar Based on Matrix Effect Classification Regression Model

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Adaptive Metaheuristic Scheme for Generalized Multiple Abnormality Detection in a Reservoir Pipeline Valve System

Algorithm for Detecting Multiple Partial Blockages in Liquid Pipelines by Using Inverse Transient Analysis

An Eschar-like souvenir from a journey to Colombia: Ecthyma gangrenosum as a differential diagnosis of tropical diseases in immunocompromised patients – a case report

Not one, but many forms of thrombosis proteins.

On Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Exponential Consensus in Dynamic Networks via Uniform Complete Observability Theory

Experimental observations of aquifer storage and recovery in brackish aquifers using multiple partially penetrating wells

Tinea Incognito Mimicking Pustular Psoriasis in a Patient With Psoriasis and Cushing Syndrome.

Physical pupil manipulation for speckle reduction in digital holographic microscopy


Estimating Visual Saliency for Omnidirectional HDR Images

VIS-SWIR wideband lens-free imaging

Identifying dynamic, partially occupied residues using anomalous scattering

Efficient Insertion of Partially Flexible Objects in Precision Assembly

Evolution of surface morphology of Er:YAG laser-machined human bone

Traumatic Multi-Finger Amputations After Trying to Rein in a Horse

Fast ISAR autofocus algorithm via sub-aperture

Multi-focus Image Fusion Method Based on MCA and Focus Region Detection

Multi-focus image fusion using Content Adaptive Blurring

Cylinder-based Simultaneous Registration and Model Fitting of Laser-scanned Point Clouds for Accurate As-built Modeling of Plant Piping Systems Authors:

Genome‐wide association study identifies an NLR gene that confers partial resistance to Magnaporthe oryzae in rice

Ultrahigh conductivity of graphene nanoribbons doped with ordered nitrogen

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Evaluation of different volumetric-modulated arc therapy for the large planning target volume in T3 lung cancer

Copula-Based Interference Models for IoT Wireless Networks

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