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Gesture formation: A crucial building block for cognitive-based Human–Robot Partnership

Theoretical Evidence Supporting Harmonic Reaching Trajectories

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The time-course of prediction formation and revision in human visual motion processing

Special treatment of prediction errors in autism spectrum disorder

Brain Processing of Visual Self-Motion Stimuli in Patients With Migraine

MPC-based control strategy of a neuro-inspired quadruped robot

A syndemics approach to exercise is medicine.

The Effect of a Full Upper-Limb Control System and Its Usage in Stroke Rehabilitation

A computational theory for the production of limb movements.

Spinal Cord Injury-Induced Changes in Encoding and Decoding of Bipedal Walking by Motor Cortical Ensembles

Common motor patterns of asymmetrical and symmetrical bipedal gaits

Selecting the Optimal Subset of Antennas in Hyperthermia Treatment Planning

Optimal Control of Compliant Bipedal Gaits and Their Implementation on Robot Hardware

The importance of stimulus variability when studying face processing using fast periodic visual stimulation: A novel ‘mixed-emotions’ paradigm

Self-Supervised Learning via Conditional Motion Propagation

The effects of attentional bias modification on emotion regulation.

Looking for a Broad Framework for the Integration of Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the Educational System

Human Locomotion in Multiway Analysis

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