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Mineral Transformation sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Ash fusion temperature regulation mechanism of Xiangyang coal by coal blending

Shock conditions recorded in NWA 8159 martian augite basalt with implications for the impact cratering history on Mars

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within Clay Mineral Transformation

Polygenesis of loamy soils in North-West Siberia in the context of environmental history of the Eurasian Artic region during the Late Quaternary

Diagenetic evolution sequence and pore evolution model of Mesoproterozoic Xiamaling organic-rich shale in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, based on pyrolysis simulation experiments

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within Iron Mineral Transformation

Sulfidization of ferrihydrite in the presence of organic ligands

Formation of plinthite mediated by redox fluctuations and chemical weathering intensity in a Quaternary red soil, southern China

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Mineral Transformation sentence examples within Soil Mineral Transformation

Integrating Thermal Analysis and Reaction Modeling for Rational Design of Pyrolytic Processes to Remediate Soils Contaminated with Heavy Crude Oil.

The Pedogenesis of Soil Derived from Carbonate Rocks along a Climosequence in a Subtropical Mountain, China

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within Progressive Mineral Transformation

Long-term effects of irrigated agriculture on Luvisol pedogenesis in semi-arid region, northeastern Brazil

Variations of Mg isotope geochemistry in soils over a Hawaiian 4 Myr chronosequence

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within mineral transformation behavior

Investigation on combustion performance and ash fusion characteristics of Zhundong coal co-combustion with coal gangue

Effects of torrefaction and water-washing on the mineral transformation behavior during co-combustion of straw and coal: A CCSEM analysis

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within mineral transformation process

Nutrient cycling potential within microbial communities on culturally important stoneworks

Dissimilatory bioreduction of iron(III) oxides by Shewanella loihica under marine sediment conditions.

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within mineral transformation reaction

Experimental weathering of a volcaniclastic critical zone profile: Key role of colloidal constituents in aqueous geochemical response

In Situ Hyperspectral Raman Imaging: A New Method to Investigate Sintering Processes of Ceramic Material at High-temperature

Mineral Transformation sentence examples within mineral transformation proces

Carbothermal reactions of tobelite with coal char at high temperatures under N2 atmosphere

The effect of CaO and MgO on the structure and properties of coal ash in the blast furnace: A molecular dynamics simulation and thermodynamic calculation

Multi-material circulation optimization of the calcification-carbonation process based on material balance and phase transformation for cleaner production of alumina

Lignin-enhanced reduction of structural Fe(III) in nontronite: Dual roles of lignin as electron shuttle and donor

Fluid pathway evolution and mass transfer during Mg-dominated mineral transformations

Constrains of eruption environment and hydrothermal fluid on the Permian pyroclastic reservoirs in the Sichuan Basin, SW China

The genesis of rainfed agricultural soils in Indonesian lowlands with two different climate types

Where is the Hydrogen?

Hydroxyl, Fe2+, and Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Jointly Determined the Crystal Growth and Morphology of Schwertmannite in a Sulfate-Rich Acidic Environment

Oxy-fuel and air combustion performances and gas-to-ash products of aboveground and belowground biomass of Sedum alfredii Hance

The different catalytic effects of Na species on char gasification and the reasons for this different

Comparison study of fusibility between coal ash and synthetic ash

Stability of naturally occurring AMD–schwertmannite in the presence of arsenic and reducing agents

Impact of organic acids and sulfate on the biogeochemical properties of soil from urban subsurface environments.

Mineralogical and Geochemical Characteristics of the Precipitates in Acid Mine Drainage of the Heungjin-Taemaek Coal Mine

Variations and geological significance of solid acidity during smectite illitization

Diversified roles of mineral transformation in controlling hydrocarbon generation process, mechanism, and pattern

Oxygation to Unlock Yield Potential of Crops: A Review

Cenozoic mountain building of Western Europe controlled by continental lithosphere evolution

Study on the Pyrolysis Characteristics, Kinetics and Mineral Transformation of Paper Sludge

Long-term integrity of shaly seals in CO2 geo-sequestration sites: An experimental study

Iron mineral transformations and their impact on As (im)mobilization at redox interfaces in As-contaminated aquifers

A Focused Ion Beam-Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy with Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Study on Technetium Incorporation within Iron Oxides through Fe(OH)2(s) Mineral Transformation

Transformation and Characterization of Cement Clinker Prepared from New Structured Red Mud by Sintering

Improved prediction of critical-viscosity temperature by fusion behavior of coal ash

Modeling transport of arsenic through modified granular natural siderite filters for arsenic removal

Challenges and opportunities for a successful mining industry in the future.

Dissimilatory Iron [Fe(III)] Reduction by a Novel Fermentative, Piezophilic Bacterium Anoxybacter fermentans DY22613T Isolated from East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Sulfides

Effect of chemical composition on the fusion behaviour of synthetic high-iron coal ash

Experimental Studies of Reactivity and Transformations of Rocks and Minerals in Water-Bearing Supercritical CO2

Mineral Transformation and Morphological Change during Pyrolysis and Gasification of Victorian Brown Coals in an Entrained Flow Reactor

An experimental investigation into mineral transformation, particle agglomeration and ash deposition during combustion of Zhundong lignite in a laboratory-scale circulating fluidized bed

Methods to Study Pedology and Edaphology of Indian Tropical Soils: An Overview

A prospective process for alumina extraction via the co-treatment of coal fly ash and bauxite red mud: Investigation of the process

Evolution in the Understanding of Mineral Transformations and Concept of Metamorphic Facies

Sequential mineral transformation during underground coal gasification with the presence of coal partings

The interfacial reactivity of arsenic species with green rust sulfate (GRSO4).

Review of W. Heinrich and R. Abart (eds.) (2017): Mineral reaction kinetics: microstructures, textures, chemical and isotope signatures. EMU Notes in Mineralogy, 16

99Tc immobilization from off-gas waste streams using nickel-doped iron spinel.

Mineralogy and Petrology of Chars Produced by South African Caking Coals and Density-Separated Fractions during Pyrolysis and Their Effects on Caking Propensity

Timescales of interface-coupled dissolution-precipitation reactions on carbonates

Origin of trondhjemite and albitite at the expense of A-type granite, Aravalli orogen, India: Evidence from new metasomatic replacement fronts

Fusion Properties of Gasified Fine Ash at High Temperature under Reducing Atmosphere. Part 2: Influence of Fe2O3

Physicochemical and mineralogical characterization of biomass ash from different power plants in the Upper Rhine Region.

Formation and evolution of nanopores in organic-rich shales: Insights from the hydrous pyrolysis experiments in a closed system

Soil Improvement Using Microbial: A Review

Genesis of Mg-phyllosilicate occurrences in the Middle Permian marine successions of South China

Significant contribution of metastable particulate organic matter to natural formation of silver nanoparticles in soils

Reaction-induced embrittlement of the lower continental crust

Metamorphic Processes in Rocks

Kinetic Study of the Pyrolytic Treatment of Petroleum-Contaminated Soils

Chemical-physical and mineralogical characterization of ceramic raw materials from Moroccan northern regions: Intriguing resources for industrial applications

Investigation of gasification atmosphere on nickel and vanadium transformation of petroleum coke by thermodynamic equilibrium calculation

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