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A dislocation mechanics constitutive model for effects of welding-induced microstructural transformation on cyclic plasticity and low-cycle fatigue for X100Q bainitic steel

Kinetics and influence of thermally induced crystallization of Fe,Ni-containing phases on thermomagnetic properties of Fe40Ni40B12Si8 amorphous alloy

Microstructural Transformation sentence examples within Possible Microstructural Transformation

Concentration dependence of hydrogen diffusion in α-iron from atomistic perspectives

Influence of Residual Stresses in the Cladding Zones of RPV WWER-1000 on Integrity Assessment

Microstructural Transformation sentence examples within Trigger Microstructural Transformation

De novo design of a pH-triggered self-assembled β-hairpin nanopeptide with the dual biological functions for antibacterial and entrapment

Nuclear Material Characterization Using High-Energy X-rays at BNL Synchrotrons: From Reactor Steels and Molten Salts to Large Hadron Collider Novel Materials

Microstructural Transformation sentence examples within Observed Microstructural Transformation

Effect of welding on microstructure and mechanical response of X100Q bainitic steel through nanoindentation, tensile, cyclic plasticity and fatigue characterisation

Analysis of subsurface layer formation on a pearlitic rail under heavy haul conditions: Spalling characterization

Effect of Hot Rolling on Microstructural Evolution and Wear Behaviors of G20CrNi2MoA Bearing Steel

Study of the degradation of a fine-grained YSZ–NiO anode material during reduction in hydrogen and reoxidation in air

Parameter study on press hardened components with tailored properties

Damage mechanisms evolution of TiN/Ti multilayer films with different modulation periods in cyclic impact conditions

Microstructural deformation in the clinching process

Improving elevated temperature performance of geopolymer concrete utilizing nano-silica, micro-silica and styrene-butadiene latex

Microstructure transformation of Mo–3Nb single crystal used for space thermionic reactor during welding

Microstructure and properties of intercritically reheated coarse-grained heat affected zone in pipeline steel after secondary thermal cycle

A novel simulation of continuous dynamic recrystallization process for 2219 aluminium alloy using cellular automata technique

Effect of final cooling temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of high-strength anti-seismic rebar

Formation of Amorphous Materials Causes Parallel Brittle-viscous Flow of Crustal Rocks

Distinct beneficial effect of Sn on the corrosion resistance of Cr–Mo low alloy steel

Effect of mechanical alloying and preheating treatment on the phase transformation of the Al–Cu–Fe compacts annealed by microwave radiation

Plasma nitrided compound layers in sintered parts: Microstructures and wear mechanisms

Studying the Short-Term High-Temperature Creep in the Al–6Zn–2.5Mg–2Cu/10SiCp Aluminum Matrix Composite


Influence of austenitisation temperatures during hot stamping on the local electrochemical behaviour of 22MnB5 steel coated with hot-dip Al-Si

Phase-microstructure-mechanical properties relationship of carbon fiber reinforced ionic liquid epoxy composites

In Situ Atomic-Scale Observation of the Conversion Behavior in a Cu-Zn Alloy for Twinnability Enhancement

Atomistic analyses of HCP-FCC transformation and reorientation of Ti in Al-Ti multilayers

Amorphous alloys and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)

Correlation between microstructure and density of Germania melts: insight from molecular dynamics simulation

Mathematical Simulation of Microstructural Phase Transformations in the Course of Welding Heating for the Case of Cladding of Protective Layer in the WWER-1000 Reactor Vessel

Fatigue behavior and microstructural evaluation of Inconel 718 gas tungsten arc welds

Cold compression deformation method for reducing residual stress and uniformizing micro-property in ferrite steel

Synthesis and Aggregation of Novel Sugar-based Gemini Surfactants in Aqueous Solution

Characterization of Al-7075/T651 Alloy by RRA Heat Treatment and Different Pre-deformation Effects

On the microstructural origin of premature failure of creep strength enhanced martensitic steels

Evaluation of the characteristics of an AISI 1045 steel quenched in different concentration of polymer solutions of polyvinylpyrrolidone

Multi-pass scratch test on pearlitic steel: Phase identification and crystallographic orientation analysis of the sub-surface layers

Selective compositional range exclusion via directed energy deposition to produce a defect-free Inconel 718/SS 316L functionally graded material

Improvement in the Wear Resistance under Dry Friction of Electrodeposited Fe-W Coatings through Heat Treatments

Role of surface modification on selenium nanoparticles: Enumerating the optical, thermal and structural properties

Mechanical performance and in-vitro biological behaviors of boronized Ti6Al4V/HA composites synthesized by microwave sintering

Residual stress model of pre-stressed dry grinding considering coupling of thermal, stress, and phase transformation

Study on The Thermal Distortion, Hardness and Microstructure of St 37 Steel Plate Joined Using FCAW

Evolution of thermal insulation of plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coating systems with exposure to high temperature

Effect of heat treatments on microstructure and properties of CuCrZr produced by laser-powder bed fusion

Sensitivity Analysis of Laser Quenching Parameters of ASTM 1045 of Disk Laser Based on Response Surface Method

An investigation on thermo-mechanical and microstructural issues in friction surfacing of Al–Cu aluminum alloys

Multiferroic properties of nanostructured BiFeO3 tailored by milling and sintering by SPS

Thermal Stability of Nanostructured Internally Oxidized Vanadium Alloy with Combined Dispersion and Substructural Hardening

Theoretical investigation on the crushing performances of tailor rolled tubes with continuously varying thickness and material properties

Influence of SiC and TiC nanoparticles reinforcement on the microstructure, tribological, and scratch resistance behavior of electroless Ni-P coatings.

Structural properties of sintered zinc titanate ceramics

Weakening of magnetic response experimentally observed for ferrofluids with strongly interacting magnetic nanoparticles

Heat Cracks in Brake Discs for Heavy-Duty Vehicles: Influences, Interactions and Prediction Potential

Hot deformation properties of 8006 aluminium alloy

The Effect of Using Hollow Cathode on the Tribological Behavior of Plasma Nitrided Layers.

Characterization of Hydrophobic Silane Film Deposited on AISI 304 Stainless Steel for Corrosion Protection

Effect of heat treatment on wear and corrosion behavior of high chromium white cast iron

Influence Of Rapid Solidification And Optimized Laser Parameters Relationship On The Geometrical And Hardness Properties Of Ti-Al-Cu Coatings

Microstructural evolution mechanism of porous reaction bonded silicon nitride ceramics heat-treated in two powder beds

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