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Microbiological Attributes sentence examples within soil physical chemical

Soil CO2 emission and soil attributes associated with the microbiota of a sugarcane area in southern Brazil

Microbiological Attributes sentence examples within Soil Microbiological Attributes

Microbiological indicators of soil quality predicted via proximal and remote sensing

Carbon and nitrogen stocks and microbiological attributes of soil under eucalyptus cultivation in the Pampa biome of southern Brazil

Soil attributes as indicators of the stabilization process of erosion in gullies at different formation stages in the southeast region of Brazil

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities and soil organic matter in pasture and analog agroforestry systems

Effect of Dry-Aging on Quality and Palatability Attributes and Flavor-Related Metabolites of Pork Loins

Evaluation of quality attributes of flavoured goat milk incorporated with microencapsulated vitamin-C

Treated domestic sewage as a nutrient source for strawberry under hydroponic cultivation

Influence of Bacillus sp. on soil chemical and microbiological attributes and development of soybean and maize

Biochar and Cow Manure on Chemical and Microbial Community in Regosol with Bean

Qualidade do Solo sob Cultivo de Banana em Sistemas de Produção Orgânico e Convencional em Gonçalves (MG)

Nutritional composition, microbial load and consumer acceptability of tiger nut (Cyperus esculentus), date (Phoenix dactylifera l.) and ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) blended beverage

Sugarcane filter cake application to coffee crop and soil physical attributes

Soil biological attributes in monoculture and integrated systems in the Cerrado region of Piauí State, Brazil

Effects of burned and unburned sugarcane harvesting systems on soil CO2 emission and soil physical, chemical, and microbiological attributes

Entupimento e modificação da vazão de emissores aplicando diluição de água produzida de petróleo tratada

How do nitrogen fertilization and cover crop influence soil C-N stocks and subsequent yields of sugarcane?

Edaphic attributes indicative of edge effect in Semideciduous tropical forest

Assessment of sensory and microbiological quality of five marketed fish species at Dhaka city in Bangladesh

The effect of barrier properties of polymeric films on the shelf-life of vacuum packaged fresh pork meat.

Effects of wastewater disinfectants on the soil: Implications for soil microbial and chemical attributes.

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) cookies: physicochemical/microbiological attributes, nutrimental value and sensory analysis

Chia (Salvia hispanica L.) cookies: physicochemical/microbiological attributes, nutrimental value and sensory analysis

Land use changes the soil carbon stocks, microbial biomass and fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) in Brazilian semiarid area

Diversity of soil spiders in land use and management systems in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Effect of Cultivation and Soil Tillage Systems on the Microbial Biomass in Castor Bean Crop at the Irecê Plateau, Bahia

Cover crops as modifying agents of microbiological soil attribute

Crop rotation and succession in a no-tillage system: Implications for CO2 emission and soil attributes.

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