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Phosphorus and oxygen doped carbon-based on Spirulina microalgae as efficient metal-free catalysts to obtain H2 from methanolysis of NaBH4

Poly(acrylic acid)-modified silica nanoparticles as a nonmetal catalyst for NaBH4 methanolysis

Investigation of dual-functionalized novel carbon supported Sn material from corn stalk for energy storage and fuel cell systems on distributed generations

Synergistic Dual Catalytic System and Kinetics for the Alcoholysis of Poly(Lactic Acid)

Self-assembled ZIF-67@graphene oxide as a cobalt-based catalyst precursor with enhanced catalytic activity toward methanolysis of sodium borohydride

Kinetics of Corn Oil Methanolysis Reaction over Na-Modified Mesoporous Gamma Alumina Catalyst

A dual functional material: Spirulina Platensis waste-supported Pd-Co catalyst as a novel promising supercapacitor electrode

Very efficient dehydrogenation of methanolysis reaction with nitrogen doped Chlorella Vulgaris microalgae carbon as metal-free catalysts

Biodiesel production catalyzed by NaOH/Magnetized ZIF-8: Yield improvement using methanolysis and catalyst reusability enhancement

High Efficiency Biomass-Based Metal-Free Catalyst as a Promising Supercapacitor Electrode for Energy Storage

The interplay of polyoxyethylene (40) stearate surfactant concentration and aging time on the Mesoporous γ-alumina synthesis and appraisal of its catalytic activity

Clean and efficient production of biodiesel using barium cerate as a heterogeneous catalyst for the biodiesel production; kinetics and thermodynamic study

Catalytic activities of non-noble metal catalysts (CuB, FeB, and NiB) with C.Vulgaris microalgal strain support modified by using phosphoric acid for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride methanolysis

Neonatal Mass Urine Screening Approach for Early Detection of Mucopolysaccharidoses by UPLC-MS/MS

Utilization of Core Oil Palm Trunk Waste to Methyl Levulinate: Physical and Chemical Characterizations

Solvent-assisted ligand exchange (SALE) for the enhancement of epoxide ring-opening reaction catalysis based on three amide-functionalized metal-organic frameworks.

Ultrasound assisted methanolysis of polycarbonate at room temperature.

Co-immobilization of Rhizomucor miehei lipase and Candida antarctica lipase B and optimization of biocatalytic biodiesel production from palm oil using response surface methodology

NiB loaded acetic acid treated microalgae strain (Spirulina Platensis) to use as a catalyst for hydrogen generation from sodium borohydride methanolysis

Highly efficient Co-B catalysts with Chlorella Vulgaris microalgal strain modified using hydrochloric acid as a new support material for hydrogen production from methanolysis of sodium borohydride

Insight into the role of solvents in enhancing hydrogen production: Ru-Co nanoparticles catalyzed sodium borohydride dehydrogenation

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