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Lorentz Transformation sentence examples within Local Lorentz Transformation

Interferometric visibility in curved spacetimes

Complete complementarity relations in curved spacetimes

Lorentz Transformation sentence examples within Correct Lorentz Transformation

Electric and magnetic fields as explicitly observer dependent four-dimensional vectors and their Lorentz transformations according to Minkowski - Ivezić

Relativistic State Functions from a Time Dilation Perspective

Lorentz Transformation sentence examples within Modified Lorentz Transformation

Modified Lorentz transformations and quantum mechanics

Homogeneously Modified Special Relativity (HMSR) -- A new possible way to introduce an isotropic Lorentz Invariance Violation in particle Standard Model

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Lorentz Transformation sentence examples within Absolute Lorentz Transformation

Assessment of the relativistic rotational transformations

Optical data implies a null simultaneity test theory parameter in rotating frames

Lorentz Transformation sentence examples within lorentz transformation group

Parametrization of generalized Heisenberg groups

A new perspective on spacetime 4D rotations and the SO(4) transformation group

Lorentz covariance of optical Dirac equation and spinorial photon field

Studying The Foundations Of The Theory Of Relativity In General Education Schools

On the relativistic lever paradox

Efficient self-rotation perception and its relativistic consequences

Violation of the Relativistic Energy Conservation Law and Einstein’s Principle of Relativity Caused by the Generation of Mechanical Transverse Waves in a Moving Medium

Contribution of the spin velocity to a case of magnetic levitation

From quantum field theory to quantum mechanics

Local Quantum Measurement I Relativistic Consistency, No-Signalling and Local Commutativity

An Implicit Finite Volume Scheme to Solve the Time-dependent Radiation Transport Equation Based on Discrete Ordinates

A Numerical Simulation Method of Radar Echo From a High-Speed Target

From Quantum Field Theory to Quantum Mechanics

Dendrogramic Representation of Data: CHSH Violation vs. Nonergodicity

Dendrogramic Representation of Data: CHSH-Violation vs. Nonergodicity

The Relationship Between Time and Space

Pinpointing a disastrous limitation of Special Relativity and Proposing a new explanation for Light Speed’s constancy

Relativistic electric potential near a resting straight carbon nanotube of a finite-length with stationary current

Einstein’s time dilation and the relativistic Doppler shift: avoiding the pitfalls

Tangent space symmetries in general relativity and teleparallelism

The Mystery of the Lorentz Transform: A Reconstruction and Its Implications for Einstein’s Theories of Relativity and cosmology.

Irreversibility as thermodynamic time

Infrared effects in the late stages of black hole evaporation

Detecting Reconnection Sites Using the Lorentz Transformations for Electromagnetic Fields

On the invariance in the inhomogeneous Lorentz group SO(1,3) in the context of optical vortex description

The CMB, Preferred Reference System, and Dragging of Light in the Earth Frame

The Sagnac effect and the role of simultaneity in relativity theory

Further Insights into Thermal Relativity Theory and Black Hole Thermodynamics

Large enhancement of conductivity in Weyl semimetals with tilted cones: Pseudorelativity and linear response

Decrypting the Central Mystery of Quantum Mathematics:: Part 4. In What Medium Do Elementary Waves Travel?

Maxwell’s Equations, Fields or Potentials?

Relativistic-Geometric Entanglement: Symmetry Groups of Systems of Entangled Particles

Wave dispersion in pulsar plasma. Part 2. Pulsar frame

The Essence of the Elementary Charge and the Derivation and Calculation of the Electron Inertial Mass

Measures, Numbers And Symmetries for A Dark Matter Decay

A Classification of Relativity

Two-vierbein gravity action from the gauge theory of the conformal group

Lorentz transformations of the thermodynamic quantities

Angular momentum of radiation from a charge in circular and spiral motion

An Analogy between Electromagnetic and Internal Waves

Speed of Light in Vacuum in the Case of Various Linear and Nonlinear Systems

Electromagnetism as Quantum Physics

The role of positivity and causality in interactions involving higher spin

Consistent Coordinate Transformation for Relativistic Circular Motion and Speeds of Light

Time Delay between Neutrinos and Gamma-Rays in Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

Equivalence Principle, Covariance, and Curvature Tensor

The Lorentz transformations and one observation in the perspective of fractional calculus

The Difference in Mass between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, Also Novel Effects of the Axial Doppler Shift

Hamiltonian flows of Lorentzian polyhedra: Kapovich-Millson phase space and SU(1, 1) intertwiners

Calculation of Micro-motion Characteristics of a Moving Metallic Cylinder

Hypothesis of Primary Particles and the Creation of the Big Bang and Other Universes

The Modification of Special Relativity

Electric Charge and Its Field as Deformed Space

Vacuum and spacetime signature in the theory of superalgebraic spinors.

On the use of a Prandtl-Glauert-Lorentz transformation for acoustic scattering by rigid bodies with a uniform flow


Lorentz covariance of the mass-polariton theory of light

Off-shell unimodular N=1, d=4 supergravity

A note on Lorentz transformations and simultaneity in classical physics and special relativity

Elastic Collisions in Minkowski Momentum Space with Lorentz Transformations

Multiparticle fields on the subset of simultaneity.

Special Relativity and the Lorentz Sphere

On the gauge fixing in the Hamiltonian analysis of general teleparallel theories

Electric field assisted amplification of magnetic fields in tilted Dirac cone systems

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