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Pressuremeter Tests in Russia and Their Application

IAEG/AEG Annual Meeting Proceedings, San Francisco, California, 2018 - Volume 2: Geotechnical and Environmental Site Characterization

Experimental Geotechnical Characterization Campaign of the Matam Soil for Lithology: Application to the Study of Supports of the Balterdi Bridge

Έλεγχος αντοχής μεταλλικού ταχυπλόου σκάφους με χρήση των Κανονισμών Νηογνωμόνων και με εφαρμογή της Μεθόδου των Πεπερασμένων Στοιχείων

How Dynamic is Bank Liquidity, Including when the COVID-19 Pandemic First Set In?

Thermal effects on limit pressure in a cylindrical cavity expansion

Assessment of corroded API 5L X52 pipe elbow using a modified failure assessment diagram

Prediction of limit pressure and pressuremeter modulus using artificial neural network analysis based on CPTU data

Estimation of Pressuremeter Modulus and Limit Pressure in Weathered Granite Based on the SPT-N Value and Chemical Weathering Index: A Case Study in South Korea

Pressuremeter test in unsaturated soils: a numerical study

Estimating Deformation Modulus and Bearing Capacity of Deep Soils from Dynamic Penetration Test

Limit Elastic Yield Pressure of Internally and Externally Pressurized Functionally Graded Thick Cylinder

Analysis of Plunger Safe Rise Velocity in Sulige Gas Field

Effect of pressure in the transition between moderate and severe wear regimes in brake friction materials

Cavity Expansion in Rock Masses Obeying the “Hoek–Brown” Failure Criterion

Correlations of SPT, CPT and pressuremeter test data in alluvial soils. Case study: Tabriz Metro Line 2, Iran

The Interpretation of CPTu, PMT, SPT and Cross-Hole Tests in Stiff Clay

Analytical solutions for limit loads of simply supported conical shells under internal pressure with unified yield criterion

Case Study of Correlation between the SPT-N Value and PMT Results Performed on Weathered Granite Zone in Korea

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