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Astroglial tracer BU99008 detects multiple binding sites in Alzheimer’s disease brain

PET imaging of Dopamine Transporter with [18F]LBT-999: initial evaluation in healthy volunteers.

What NIR photodynamic activation offers molecular targeted nanomedicines: Perspectives into the conundrum of tumor specificity and selectivity.

Synaptic Damage and Its Clinical Correlates in People With Early Huntington Disease: A PET Study.

E01 Widespread loss of presynaptic terminal marker SV2A in early huntington disease

Discovery of an Unexpected Similarity in Ligand Binding between BRD4 and PPARγ.

PROTACs– a game-changing technology

Abstract 3136: Discovery of low abundance colorectal cancer related biomarkers by the ADAPT Biotargeting System

Ligand targeting and peptide functionalized polymers as non-viral carriers for gene therapy.

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Ligand Targeting リガンドターゲティング
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