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Activity and electrochemical properties: iron complexes of the anticancer drug triapine and its analogs

Chiral Graphs: Reduced Representations of Ligand Scaffolds for Stereoselective Biomolecular Recognition, Drug Design, and Enhanced Exploration of Chemical Structure Space

Discovery and Elucidation of Counteranion Dependence in Photoredox Catalysis.

Catalyzed or non-catalyzed: chemoselectivity of Ru-catalyzed acceptorless dehydrogenative coupling of alcohols and amines via metal–ligand bond cooperation and (de)aromatization

Liposomal delivery of CRISPR/Cas9

The Influence of Redox-Innocent Donor Groups in Tetradentate Ligands Derived from o-Phenylenediamine: Electronic Structure Investigations with Nickel.

Cobalt complex of a tetraamido macrocyclic ligand as a precursor for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution

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