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Ligand Density sentence examples within Surface Ligand Density

Cs2AgInCl6 double perovskite quantum dots decorated with Ag nanoparticles for photocatalytic CO2 reduction

Surface structure, morphology and crystal phase-dependent photoactivity of MnO2 nanocatalysts under sunlight

Ligand Density sentence examples within High Ligand Density

Evaluation of guanidine-based multimodal anion exchangers for protein selectivity and orthogonality.

Control Cell Migration by Engineering Integrin Ligand Assembly

Ligand Density sentence examples within Integrin Ligand Density

Multiwell Combinatorial Hydrogel Array for High-Throughput Analysis of Cell-ECM Interactions.

Cell-Matrix Interactions Regulate Functional Extracellular Vesicle Secretion from Mesenchymal Stromal Cells.

Ligand Density sentence examples within Mm Ligand Density

Synthetic hydrogels identify matrix physicochemical properties required for renal epithelial cell tubulogenesis.

Identification of matrix physicochemical properties required for renal epithelial cell tubulogenesis by using synthetic hydrogels

Ligand Density sentence examples within Acid Ligand Density

Controlled dehydration, structural flexibility, and Gadolinium MRI contrast compound binding in human plasma glycoprotein afamin

Controlled dehydration, structural flexibility and gadolinium MRI contrast compound binding in the human plasma glycoprotein afamin

Ligand Density sentence examples within Ecm Ligand Density

Extracellular matrix type modulates mechanotransduction of stem cells.

Contractile myosin rings and cofilin-mediated actin disassembly orchestrate ECM nanotopography sensing.

Ligand Density sentence examples within Adhesion Ligand Density

Effect of matrix stiffness and adhesion ligand density on chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

Untangling the response of bone tumor cells and bone forming cells to matrix stiffness and adhesion ligand density by means of hydrogels.

Ligand Density sentence examples within Low Ligand Density

Cation exchange frontal chromatography for the removal of monoclonal antibody aggregates.

Adenovirus 5 recovery using nanofiber ion‐exchange adsorbents

Ligand Density sentence examples within Optimized Ligand Density

Impact of REDV peptide density and its linker structure on the capture, movement, and adhesion of flowing endothelial progenitor cells in microfluidic devices.

Efficient Endocytosis of Inorganic Nanoparticles with Zwitterionic Surface Functionalization.

Ligand Density sentence examples within ligand density along

Pair and many-body interactions between ligated Au nanoparticles.

In situ silanization for continuous stationary phase gradients on particle packed LC columns

Ligand Density sentence examples within ligand density threshold

DNA origami patterning of synthetic T cell receptors reveals spatial control of the sensitivity and kinetics of signal activation

DNA origami patterning of synthetic T cell receptors reveals spatial control of the sensitivity and kinetics of signal activation

Membrane-curvature-mediated co-endocytosis of bystander and functional nanoparticles.

Microfluidics-assisted conjugation of chitosan-coated polymeric nanoparticles with antibodies: Significance in drug release, uptake, and cytotoxicity in breast cancer cells.

Biphasic response of T cell activation to substrate stiffness.

High ligand density drives extensive spreading and motility on soft GelMA gels

Increased Retention of Cardiac Cells to a Glass Substrate through Streptavidin–Biotin Affinity

Viscoelasticity and Adhesion Signaling in Biomaterials Control Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Morphogenesis in 3D Culture.

Well-Defined Nanostructured Biointerfaces: Strengthened Cellular Interaction for Circulating Tumor Cells Isolation.

Study of tentacle-like cationic macroporous cellulose spherical adsorbent for heavy metals

Performance of phospho-L-tyrosine immobilized onto alginate/polyacrylamide-based cryogels: Effect of ligand coupling on human IgG adsorption and Fab fragments separation.

Single-Cell Measurements of Two-Dimensional Binding Affinity Across Cell Contacts.

Synthesis and Evaluation of Dye-Ligand Affinity Adsorbents for Protein Purification.

Increasing immunoglobulin G adsorption in dextran‐grafted protein A gels

Dietary Fiber-Tethered Gold Nanoparticles: An Innovative Analytical Tool for Probing Interactions

Modulating the antibody density changes the uptake and transport at the blood‐brain barrier of both transferrin receptor‐targeted gold nanoparticles and liposomal cargo

Silica resins and peptide ligands to develop disposable affinity adsorbents for antibody purification

Protein corona impact on nanoparticle-cell interactions: Toward an energy-based model ofendocytosis.

Quantitative imaging of organic ligand density on anisotropic inorganic nanocrystals.

Characterization of the Ligand Exchange Reactions on CdSe/ZnS QDs by Capillary Electrophoresis.

Glucose transporter 1‐mediated vascular translocation of nanomedicines enhances accumulation and efficacy in solid tumors

Modeling of nanoparticle transport through the female reproductive tract for the treatment of infectious diseases

Carbohydrate–protein interactions and multivalency: implications for the inhibition of influenza A virus infections

Engineering of Targeted Nanoparticles by Using Self-Assembled Biointegrated Block Copolymers

Virus-Sized Gold Nanorods: Plasmonic Particles for Biology.

Traction forces at the cytokinetic ring regulate cell division and polyploidy in the migrating zebrafish epicardium

Distribution of active forces in the cell cortex.

Advancement in separation materials for blood purification therapy

Development and application of hydrophobic charge-induction chromatography for bioseparation.

Ligand density on nanoparticles: A parameter with critical impact on nanomedicine.

Shape of ligand immobilized particles dominates and amplifies the macrophage cytokine response to ligands

Tailoring Co-assembly of Nanodiscs and Block Copolymer-Based Supramolecules by Manipulating Interparticle Interactions

Depletion-Mediated Interfacial Assembly of Semiconductor Nanorods.

Solution NMR Analysis of Ligand Environment in Quaternary Ammonium-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold Nanoparticles: The Effect of Surface Curvature and Ligand Structure.

Biochemical Ligand Density Regulates Yes-Associated Protein Translocation in Stem Cells through Cytoskeletal Tension and Integrins.

Optimization of Sequence, Display, and Mode of Operation of IgG-Binding Peptide Ligands to Develop Robust, High-Capacity Affinity Adsorbents That Afford High IgG Product Quality

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