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Shape and rheology of droplets with viscous surface moduli

An unconditionally energy-stable scheme based on an implicit auxiliary energy variable for incompressible two-phase flows with different densities involving only precomputable coefficient matrices

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Preparation of spherical polymer powders for selective laser sintering from immiscible PA12/PEO blends with high viscosity ratios

Segmented flows of viscous threads in microchannels

Compound Chondrule Formation in Optically Thin Shock Waves

Generalized Warped Disk Equations

Nanochannel-Based Transport in an Interfacial Memristor Can Emulate the Analog Weight Modulation of Synapses.

Insights into design of mobility control for chemical enhanced oil recovery

Viscous fingering of yield stress fluids: The effects of wettability

Viscous effects on liquid sloshing under external excitations

Scaling behavior and source mechanism of tremor recorded at Erebus volcano, Ross island, Antarctica

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Numerical study of transient conjugate heat transfer of the cryo-supersonic air-quenching based on a Mach-weighted pressure-based method

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Experimental study on shear property and rheological characteristic of superfine cement grouts with nano-SiO2 addition

Comparing high-latitude thermospheric winds from FPI and CHAMP accelerometer measurements

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