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Impact of real and simulated municipal solid waste leachates on the hydraulic and swelling behaviour of bentonites for landfill application

Influence of feedstock type and particle size on efficiency of biochar in improving tensile crack resistance and shear strength in lean clayey soil

Geotechnical characterization of bentonite-fly ash mixtures for their application as landfill liner in Pakistan

Hydraulic Stability of Fly Ash-Bentonite Mixtures in Landfill Containment System

Effect of Ammonium on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Kaolin and Bentonite as Clay Liners

The Effects of Pine Tree Sawdust on the Volume Compressibility of Expansive Soils

Suitability of using borrow pit soils collected from Southwestern Nigeria as landfill liners

Swelling behaviours of compacted lime-softening sludge for application in landfill liners

Hydraulic performance, consolidation characteristics and shear strength analysis of bentonites in the presence of fly-ash, sewage sludge and paper-mill leachates for landfill application.

Steady-state analysis of pollutant transport to assess landfill liner performance

Prediction of Geotechnical Properties of Lime-Stabilized Soils: Ongoing Research and Preliminary Results

Investigations on gas permeability in porous media

An Experimental Investigation on the Geoengineering Properties of Pond Ash-Bentonite Mixes

Analytical solution for one-dimensional contaminant diffusion through unsaturated soils beneath geomembrane

Improving hydraulic performance and durability of sandwich clay liner using super-absorbent polymer

Effect of polybrominated diphenyl ethers on sand-bentonite liner material.

An insight into waste management in Australia with a focus on landfill technology and liner leak detection

Utilization of Thermal Power Plant By-Product Fly Ash in Waste Management

Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Lime-Softening Sludge Used as Landfill Liners

Studies on Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Geofiber Reinforced Clay

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