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Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within average molecular weight

Physicochemical Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Pumpkin Polysaccharide (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Poiret) Modified by Subcritical Water

Effects of konjac glucomannan with different molecular weights on gut microflora with antibiotic perturbance in in vitro fecal fermentation.

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within gel permeation chromatography

Synthesis, characterization and properties of poly(butanediol sebacate–butanediol terephthalate) (PBSeT) copolyesters using glycerol as cross-linking agent

Double Tethered Metallacyclobutane Catalyst for Cyclic Polymer Synthesis.

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within nuclear magnetic resonance

Effectiveness of Esterification Catalysts in the Synthesis of Poly(Ethylene Vanillate)

Investigation of the catalytic activity and reaction kinetic modeling of two antimony catalysts in the synthesis of poly(ethylene furanoate)

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Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within differential scanning calorimetry

Low Molecular Weight Oligomers of Poly(alkylene succinate) Polyesters as Plasticizers in Poly(vinyl alcohol) Based Pharmaceutical Applications

Analytical Techniques for Measurement of Crosslink Densities of Rubber Vulcanizates

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within size exclusion chromatography

Influence of the rosin pendant groups on the solution properties of a high molecular weight hydrogenated polynorbornene

Effect of microstructure on chain flexibility and glass transition temperature of polybenzofulvene

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within Lower Intrinsic Viscosity

Construction of ring-based architectures via ring-expansion cationic polymerization and post-polymerization modification: design of cyclic initiators from divinyl ether and dicarboxylic acid

Synthetic innovations for cyclic polymers

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within Higher Intrinsic Viscosity

Effect of the chemical and structural characteristics of pulps of Eucalyptus and Pinus on the deconstruction of the cell wall during the production of cellulose nanofibrils

Cationic starch: an effective flocculant for separating algal biomass from wastewater RO concentrate treated by microalgae

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within intrinsic viscosity measurement

Effectiveness of Esterification Catalysts in the Synthesis of Poly(Ethylene Vanillate)

Physicochemical and rheological properties of aqueous Tara gum solutions

Intrinsic Viscosity sentence examples within intrinsic viscosity number

Synthesis and evaluation of new slickwater fracturing fluid for drag reduction

Correlation of the cyclic cracked round bar test and hydrostatic pressure test for unplasticized polyvinylchloride

Comprehensive physical visualisation of the chain conformation and solution property of carboxymethylated konjac glucomannan: Comparison of charged and uncharged polyelectrolytes

Conformations, inter-molecular structure and hydrogen bond dynamics of neutral and cationic poly(vinyl amine) in aqueous solution

Simple production of cellulose nanofibril microcapsules and the rheology of their suspensions.

Partial exchange of ozone by electron beam irradiation shows better viscosity control and less oxidation in cellulose upgrade scenarios.

Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity in Concentrated Cementitious Suspensions: Probabilistic Approximation and Bayesian Analysis

Molecular Parameters and Intrinsic Viscosity of Nettle Seed (Urtica Pilulifera) Gum as a Function of Temperature

A Comparison of the Effect of Silk Fibroin Nanoparticles and Microfibers on the Reprocessing and Biodegradability of PLA/PCL Blends

Recycled PET foaming: Supercritical carbon dioxide assisted extrusion with real-time quality monitoring

Pilot scale isolation of exopolysaccharides from Streptococcus thermophilus DGCC7710: Impact of methodical details on macromolecular properties and technofunctionality

Extraction of Histidine, Proline, and Methionine and Their Mixtures Using Systems Based on N-VinylFormamide

Insights into the miscibility characteristics of plastic-mimetic polypeptide with hydroxypropylmethylcellulose: Investigation of thermal degradability and intermolecular interactions.

Deltamethrin Microencapsulation in Emulsion Paint Binder and Its Long-Term Efficacy Against Dengue Vector Aedes aegypti

Exploring interactions between pectins and procyanidins: Structure-function relationships

Evaluation of the Technical Viability of Distributed Mechanical Recycling of PLA 3D Printing Wastes

Effect of high voltage electrode discharge on the physicochemical characteristics of alginate extracted from an Iranian brown seaweed (Nizimuddinia zanardini)


Effect of glycolide dosage on molecular weight of poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid)

Effects of the Hofmeister anion series salts on the rheological properties of Sesbania cannabina galactomannan.

Effect of calcium carbonate as pore-forming agent on properties of recycled polyethylene terephthalate masterbatch

“One-pot direct synthesis of novel antibacterial diblock copolymers-based-vinyl acetate via RAFT polymerization”

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Dilute solution viscometry of polymers

Marine Exopolysaccharide Complexed With Scandium Aimed as Theranostic Agents

A conformational transition based fluorescent probe for mapping lysosomal viscosity fluctuations by fluorescence lifetime imaging

Intrinsic viscosity, steady and oscillatory shear rheology of a new source of galactomannan isolated from Gleditsia caspica (Persian honey locust) seeds in aqueous dispersions

The Content, Antioxidant Activity, and Structural Characteristics of Sodium Alginate Extracting from Sargassum polycystum Grew in Vietnam: Effect of Various Extraction Conditions

Portable rheometer to overcome the challenge of measuring low viscosity solution of acrylamide-based polymers at high temperature with an affordable cost for O&G applications

Shape memory polymer (SMP) scaffolds with improved self-fitting properties.

Characterization of polysaccharides from different species of brown seaweed using saccharide mapping and chromatographic analysis

Rheology of cocoa butter

The effect of Amygdalus scoparia Spach and Lepidium sativum L. seed gums on the properties of formulated food supplement for soldiers using Response Surface Methodology

Impact of convection on the damping of an oscillating droplet during viscosity measurement using the ISS-EML facility

Comparative chemical examination of inclusion complexes formed with β-cyclodextrin derivatives and basic amino acids.

Chemical structure and inhibition on α-glucosidase of polysaccharides from corn silk by fractional precipitation.

Circularity Study on PET Bottle-To-Bottle Recycling

Production of Alginate from Persian Gulf Sargassum angustifolium Seaweeds: Novel Extraction and Characterization Methods

Acceleration Effects of Residual Monomers on the Degradation of Poly(glycolic acids)

Towards an improved prediction of concentrated antibody solution viscosity using the Huggins coefficient.

Preparation and Characterization of High Molecular Weight Thermoplastic Polyetherester Elastomers Using Chain Extender

Ultrasonic synthesized Konjac gum/PEG-silver nanoparticles for colorimetric detection of hydrogen peroxide

Sizes Monitoring of Polyelectrolyte Flexible Chains over the Entire Range of Ionic Strength through Viscometry of Dilute Solutions

Experimental determination and modeling of flow curves of xanthan gum solutions over a large range of shear rates

Effects of ultrasound modification at different frequency modes on physicochemical, structural, functional, and biological properties of citrus pectin

Static Structure Factor and Viscoelastic Properties of Dendrimer Grafted Nanoparticles in Solution.

Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of pectin extracted from Musa paradisiaca banana peels at different pH conditions in the formation of nanoparticles

Structure characterization and in vitro hypoglycemic effect of partially degraded alginate.

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