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Stimulus-Specific Adaptation in Auditory Thalamus Is Modulated by the Thalamic Reticular Nucleus.

The mechanism underlying transient weakness in myotonia congenita

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Assessing the utility of MAGNETO to control neuronal excitability in the somatosensory cortex

Assessing the utility of Magneto to control neuronal excitability in the somatosensory cortex

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Behaviorally relevant frequency selectivity in single- and double-on neurons in the inferior colliculus of the Pratt’s roundleaf bat, Hipposideros pratti

Latency of phototransduction limits transfer of higher-frequency signals in cockroach photoreceptors.

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Stereotactic system for accurately targeting deep brain structures in awake head-fixed mice.

Stereotactic system for accurately targeting deep brain structures in awake head-fixed mice

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Functional unification of sex pheromone-receptive glomeruli in the invasive Turkestan cockroach derived from the genus Periplaneta

Experimental myofascial trigger point creation in rodents.

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Changes in ion channel expression and function associated with cardiac arrhythmogenic remodeling by Sorbs2.

Chronic intermittent hypoxia increases excitability and synaptic excitation of protrudor and retractor hypoglossal motoneurones

Part I: The Complex Spikes as One of the Cerebellar Secrets.

Distinct Burst Properties Contribute to the Functional Diversity of Thalamic Nuclei.

Parallel Synaptic Acetylcholine Signals Facilitate Large Monopolar Cell Repolarization and Modulate Visual Behavior in Drosophila

Cell Type-Specific Arousal-Dependent Modulation of Thalamic Activity in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

Nonlinear spatial integration in retinal bipolar cells shapes the encoding of artificial and natural stimuli

Cell-type specific arousal-dependent modulation of thalamic activity in the lateral geniculate nucleus

Suboptimal Discontinuous Current-Clamp Switching Rates Lead to Deceptive Mouse Neuronal Firing

Postsynaptic cell firing triggers bidirectional metaplasticity depending on the LTP induction protocol.

Hippocampal network hyperexcitability in young transgenic mice expressing human mutant alpha-synuclein

Distributed Processing of Load and Movement Feedback in the Premotor Network Controlling an Insect Leg Joint.

The Involvement of CaV1.3 Channels in Prolonged Root Reflexes and Its Potential as a Therapeutic Target in Spinal Cord Injury

Intracellular action potential recordings from cardiomyocytes by ultrafast pulsed laser irradiation of fuzzy graphene microelectrodes

Making In Situ Whole-Cell Patch-Clamp Recordings from Xenopus laevis Tadpole Neurons.

Multiple mechanisms of photoreceptor spectral tuning following loss of UV color vision in Heliconius butterflies

Confocal Endomicroscopy of Neuromuscular Junctions Stained with Physiologically Inert Protein Fragments of Tetanus Toxin

The Role of Action Potential Waveform in Failure of Excitation Contraction Coupling

Visual thalamocortical mechanisms of waking state-dependent activity and alpha oscillations

Analysis of spontaneous depolarization-linked hyperpolarizations in mouse detrusor smooth muscle cells

Multisite Intracellular Recordings by MEA.

Outer Brain Oscillations in Down Syndrome

Extending a Hodgkin-Huxley Model for Larval Drosophila Muscle Excitability via Particle Swarm Fitting

Bilateral auditory processing studied by selective cold-deactivation of cricket hearing organs

Electrophysiological adaptations of insect photoreceptors and their elementary responses to diurnal and nocturnal lifestyles

Subthreshold Activity Underlying the Diversity and Selectivity of the Primary Auditory Cortex Studied by Intracellular Recordings in Awake Marmosets

Inferring synaptic inputs from spikes with a conductance-based neural encoding model

Two distinct electrophysiological mechanisms underlie extensive depolarization elicited by 2,4 diaminobutyric acid in leech Retzius neurons.

Adhesion Stabilized en Masse Intracellular Electrical Recordings from Multicellular Assemblies

Action potentials and subthreshold potentials of dorsal horn neurons in a rat model of myositis A study employing intracellular recordings in vivo.

Bilateral auditory processing studied by selective cold-deactivation of cricket hearing organs

Respiration competes with theta for modulating parietal cortex neurons

On neural recording using nanoprotrusion electrodes.

Involvement of Group II Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors in Modulation of Evoked Activity in Frog Spinal Motoneurons

Different Effects of 5-HT1 and 5-HT2 Receptor Agonists on Excitability Modulation of Motoneurons in Frog Spinal Cord

Autonomous patch-clamp robot for functional characterization of neurons in vivo: development and application to mouse visual cortex.

Long‐lasting modifications of motoneuron firing properties by trans‐spinal direct current stimulation in rats

A Brainstem Neural Substrate for Stopping Locomotion

In vivo knockdown of astroglial glutamate transporters GLT-1 and GLAST increases excitatory neurotransmission in mouse infralimbic cortex: Relevance for depressive-like phenotypes

The role of the nAChR subunits α5, β2, and β4 on synaptic transmission in the mouse superior cervical ganglion

Optogenetic Hyperpolarization of Cardiomyocytes Terminates Ventricular Arrhythmia

A distinct class of bursting neurons with strong gamma synchronization and stimulus selectivity in monkey V1

Understanding exercise-dependent plasticity of motoneurones using intracellular and intramuscular approaches.

A low-threshold potassium current enhances sparseness and reliability in a model of avian auditory cortex

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